#1 Way To Be Less Boring

boringWould you rather be considered an interesting person or a boring person in your interactions with others? Unbelievably, this same method will go a long way in making you more successful in your business life as well…

#1 Way To Be Less Boring

We all have fascinating stories and anecdotes that we like to tell and want to tell that we feel will make us “more interesting” in the eyes of others. Maybe we can even drop a few high-profile names in our conversations as well to elevate our status. Or if we are more energetic or enthusiastic in our conversations, maybe then people will find us more interesting…


If you want to become a more interesting person or if you want to have more success in all of your relationships… here is the #1 way to be less boring:

Be interested in others and LISTEN!

It’s a trick I learned many years ago from my interactions with my daughter and it works in most other situations I have found too. Be quiet… don’t talk…  and listen.

I used to get only drips and drops of information from my daughter when she was a kid. Some of our conversations almost felt like interrogations, as I would ask question after question about what was going in her life. What I discovered was that when the two of us would be working on a house project together was to just be quiet and let her speak.

And speak she would… It was so effective that I turned it into a game. Come up with projects to do together, get to work on them and then see what I could learn. She would talk and talk and talk, and if I kept my mouth shut and mostly listened, I was always amazed at what I would learn. It’s a concept that I have carried and used into all of my other interactions well…

In business meetings, I sit and keep my mouth shut to the point where I have been asked about why is it that I am so quiet. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, or that I am shy, it’s that I want to listen and learn. Most people can not handle silence as it makes them uncomfortable so if you are quiet and listen, most of the time their need to fill the conversational void will kick in…

To be interesting you don’t have to tell long stories about yourself or your kids, your job, the athletic achievements of your youth or your political or religious beliefs. Be genuinely interested in finding out more about the person or the people around you. Instead of being the one with the interesting answers or tales, be the one asking insightful and meaningful questions instead.

A funny thing happens when you do this… People will begin to take more of an interest in you. The less you try to project yourself into a conversation, the more willing others will be to want to find out more about you. Funny how that works.

And when all is said and done and when they walk away, they won’t be relieved to be away from you, they’ll be thinking, “What an interesting person that was.” And it is all because you were not a bore by trying to overpower or “win” the conversation.

So if you find that people’s eyes glaze over when you’re talking to them and you want to become more interesting, simply start to take more of an interest in the lives of those around you… be quiet, listen, and be less boring.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 29 July 2015

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