10 Habits Of Happy People

10 habits of happy peopleHappy people, or even people who tend to be happier than others are not just happy by mistake, luck, genetics (well, that might play a role in it) or chance. If you look closely you will notice that there are things that happy people just do differently and here are 10 habits of happy people that proves just that.

10 Habits Of Happy People

1. Happy people do not complain. – Happy people do not complain or at least limit their complaining as they understand that complaining only reinforces unhappiness. Instead they choose not to complain and to be more positive thus attracting even more positive (non-complaining) people into their orbit.

2. Happy people are more social. – Being more social doesn’t mean that you have to be the life of the party but it means you should at least GO to the party. Spending time with friends and being more social and not staying home all of the time (isolating yourself) is truly a “happy person habit.”

3. Happy people face problems head on. – Happy people understand that there is a difference in facing a problem versus dwelling on a problem. Ignoring a problem usually just makes it worse and only adds more stress as you expend more energy overall tying to push the problem away rather than solving it.

4. Happy people are happy NOW! – You cannot be happy in the past nor can you be happy in the future. Happy people do not delay or push off their happiness to some future date in which “they are” “they have” or “they’ve done” something. Happy people do not say, “I will be happy when…”

5. Happy people focus on personal growth. – Happy people are usually striving towards some degree of self-improvement in at least one area his or her life. Happy people understand that to be happy it is important to try to do and be a little better today than they were yesterday.

6. Happy people are not victims. – Happy people take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions, and subsequent results and never paint themselves as a victim. Because of this they know that the world it NOT out to get them or feel that they are just randomly doomed for failure.

7. Happy people are happy with what they have. – Many years a go the secretary for the group that I worked in had a sign hanging in her cubicle that said, “There are two ways to be happy, get more or be happy with what you have.” Obviously the second part of the sentence is more true than the first. Happy people are content with the own personal abundance, do not compare themselves to others, and stay in their own lane.

8. Happy people keep things in perspective. – When something bad happens, people who are generally happier than others do not let the event or situation overwhelm them. By keeping things in perspective and not blowing things out of proportion (or playing the victim) you can take things in stride more readily… My tip is this… no matter what your going though, the worse thing that could be happening is not the worse thing that could happen.

9. Happy people battle pessimism… always! – Happy people see the glass as half full and strive to illuminate that point to others whenever possible. They focus on the positives of life instead of the negatives and that in turn makes them happier…

10. Happy people have uncluttered lives. – People who tend to spend their life acquiring “stuff” with the belief that all that they acquire will make them happy tend to never find happiness. Happy people, on the other hand, understand the simple sentiment that the less you have, the less you have to worry about.

Of course I am sure that there are more than 10 habits of happy people and things that happy people do on a continual basis that makes them different from the unhappy. Being happy is a learned behavior through practice – just like being unhappy is – but if you follow these 10 habits of happy people and make them your habits they are almost guaranteed to make you happier yourself.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 02 May 2015

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