20 Of The Best Andy Wooten Quotes To Brighten Your Day

I really enjoy reading quotes and writing my own, or taking them from other pieces of work that I have written. Most of these I posted originally on the Tri Peaks Life Coaching Facebook Page over the past several months.

Some are meat to inspire. Some are meant to invoke thought and question the status quo of life. I hope you enjoy them and at least one of them will impact your day.

1. Action Eradicates Procrastination. – There is no other way to blast through and put procrastination in the rear-view than by taking great action. That is the first step in building momentum.


2. Always write out your goals. Writing them out makes them tangible. Your goals become real when you write them down. – Write down your goals and make them real. It also goes a long ways to prevent you from a) forgetting the goal, and b) straining to remember what it was in the first place when you finally do get around to writing them down.


3. Changes are often difficult and take time to fully impact one’s life. It is the actual day to day accumulation of positive action, thoughts, and feelings that are the stepping stones to building an amazing life. – This is one of my favorites. Even with the smallest chops from the smallest axe will eventually fell the mighty oak.


4. Do not allow fear to dictate your actions. Just remind yourself that nothing bad has happened  yet. – This one is very personal to me and goes back to some of my own hardships that I experienced a few years ago. Even through the worst of it when the worst things were happening I kept reminding myself that nothing bad had happened yet and it really kept things in perspective.


5. Don’t let now knowing stop you from starting. – Self explanatory. I didn’t know how to run 100 miles before I did it. I also did not know how to start a business before I began that as well. I refused to throw my hands just because I don’t know how to do something. You can always learn what you need to learn to get started.


6. Experience Makes Experts. – After you start (see above) you are on  your way to becoming and expert.  An expert learns by doing. An expert learns what do as well as not to do through experience.


7. If  you can’t get along with yourself, then how can you  expect to get along with anyone else? – Can you be your own best friend? Can you handle spending time with just  yourself? If you can’t, how can you expect anyone else to want to?


8. I only have Plan A. There is no Plan B… only undesired consequences. Plan A is the only option. Having a Plan B only distracts me from Plan A. – To put it simply, either the chute opens or it doesn’t. Failure, second place, and almost are not options.


9. It doesn’t cost anything to tell someone “thank you.” Try to say thanks to everyone that you can today. – I learned this one years ago from a marketing specialist who insisted on saying thank you to everyone for everything, all of the time. I believe what she said was, “Thank yous are free.”


10. It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay suck. Do better. –  You have the chance AND the choice to always make today better than yesterday.


11. It takes great courage to let go of what is holding us back in life. Be courageous today! – It can be hard to leave the job, the relationship, or any other life situation if is holding us back. It takes a lot to recognize what is not working, to let go, move on, and grow.


12. I will not be discouraged. I will work with the tools that I currently possess to grow and to expand. I am in the process of creating and I am constantly moving forward. – Some days progress is glacially slow. Other days, progress grows by light years. I always remind myself to use what I have and be grateful for any forward movement towards my goals no matter how big or how small.


13. Never take a day off from pursuing a goal. Even the smallest action will move your towards success. – Being an entrepreneur and a life coach sort of means that I really don’t get a day off. Every day, even on the weekends I try to figure out how to reach and help more people.


14. Our pasts are fictitious. The past is nothing but a story. It is a series of events that we witness and create our own narrative around. – The past is fiction. To wallow in the past and base future expectations on negative thoughts does no good.


15. Results are the product of action, not by thoughts of taking action. – Thinking about something will not get it done. Getting off your butt and applying yourself will.


16. There are two rules to being happy. 1. Decide to be happy. 2. See rule #1. – This little inspiration came to me early one morning. I think that many of us forget that deciding to be happy is 99% of the battle.

There-Are-Two-Rules-To17. There is no success if the things that you believe are different than your actions. – If you are trying to make the sale while at the same time your mind does not believe you can make the sale then guess what? You will not make the sale. Our inner game has to match the outer game.


18. You can not experience the feelings of gratitude and lack simultaneously. The two emotions are mutually exclusive. One can not exist in the presence of the other. Choose gratitude… –  If you are too busy giving thanks for all that you have you won’t have any room to notice what is missing.


19. You lose when you don’t win the game. You are defeated when you refuse to play the game again. Never give up. – Never accept losing as the end of the game. Focus on the lessons learned to develop and win the next time. You can’t win if you don’t play.


20. You will never know what you can do until you actually get out there and do it. – Take that first step, get out there and try whatever it is you want to do. Until you do that you will never know what you are fully capable of.


I hope these quotes inspired you. If you find this post inspirational, please share it with your friends. And if you know any other quotes that inspire you, then please leave them here via a comment.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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