28 Rules For Winning In Life

Everybody wants to be a winner and we all want to succeed. But if we are to struggle or if we are to succeed has more to do with how we think, what we focus on, and how we choose to live each moment.

There are laws and rules that guarantee success, happiness, and a high quality of life if you follow them. Some of them are obvious and others not so much. Here are 28 of life’s rules… simplified, direct, and all in one place for you:

  1. Never fail once and quit. Fail 1000 times if you have to in order to eventually succeed
  2. Your success is not always at the finish line. Experience your success along the way throughout your journey.
  3. Focus less on making money and more on making a difference.
  4. Build things, don’t just buy them.
  5. Don’t let what you don’t know or don’t understand discourage you. Allow the unknown to ignite your curiosity and desire to learn.
  6. Talk less and listen more.
  7. Don’t bet on always knocking it out of the park or putting all of your eggs in one basket. Focus on the accumulation of small victories over time to get to wherever you want to go.
  8. Loosen your expectations over outcomes; always be ready for the unexpected instead.
  9. Never demand respect but work to earn it instead.
  10. Never just stare at the problem, get busy looking for a solution.
  11. Stop reviewing options, make decisions and act on them.
  12. Never just “let things happen,” be someone who makes things happen.
  13. The best way to get ahead is to help others get ahead too.
  14. You are whom you hang out with so try to hangout with winners who are more successful than you are.
  15. Define your own success, don’t subscribe to other people’s definitions of success.
  16. Never try to outrun your fears but face them and vanquish them instead.
  17. Give up your constant need and addiction for entertainment. Focus your free time and energy on learning or experiencing something new.
  18. Never view the unknown as a risk. See constant familiarity, routine, and ruts as risky instead.
  19. Give up living in the past but live your life now employing what you learned in the past.
  20. Always be willing to learn more and to have the humility to know that you will never “know it all.”
  21. It is always better to over-deliver than to over-sell.
  22. Always smile… don’t frown.
  23. The harder you work, the more luck you will have in life.
  24. Give up on instant gratification and look at the long-term instead.
  25. Embrace discipline with the understanding that the pain of regret exceeds the pain of making trade-offs.
  26. Most give up just before they succeed. Winners always try just that one more time.
  27. Never focus on what you don’t have but always focus on what you do have.
  28. Don’t follow the worn path in life. Be willing to take the road less traveled.

I am sure there are plenty that I left off of the the list, so are there any that you can add? What would you add to the list?  What qualities do you think separate successful people from everyone else?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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