3000 Push Ups In A Month – I did it!

3000 push ups in a monthEarlier this summer I read an article about a person who challenged himself to do 3000 push ups in a month. At any rate, the idea was stuck in my head and I wondered if I could do that myself…

3000 Push Ups In A Month – I did it!

After training hard all year, dieting, and running Leadville in August, I knew that I had traded-off upper body strength for weight-loss and running efficiency. I also know that come November 1st I will be working up on the mountain part time snow making and that is like having cross fit for a job four nights a week and I needed to start doing work now to prepare for that.

So a few days before September 1st I looked at the calendar and saw that September had 30 days… the math worked out and I committed to doing 3000 pushups in a month for the month of September. I even printed out a little spreadsheet to track my progress.

On the surface, doing 3000 push ups in a month does that seem or sound overly difficult. When you do the math that is only about 100 push ups a day. And if you break it up and do multiple sets, even if you only doing 10 push ups at a time, that is 10 sets of push ups that day. Each push up takes a second or maybe two, so as far as time goes you are only committing to two minutes or so a day… three tops… Not hard at all…


As far as personally imposed challenges go, this one was rather though. The physical part of it all, the doing the push ups themselves, was not that hard… but doing them every day, day after day, and actually practicing that consistency is what really became the challenge.

Sure, the first week, I might have been a little sore or felt a little worked but it really was not that bad. But after about a week of doing 100 or more push ups a day, that was when my commitment to the idea of doing 3000 push ups in month began to waver a little bit.

I had not made any grand public announcement that I was doing this so if I had quit or given up it wasn’t like any one would know one way or the other. And trust me… there were days that I really did not want to do one push up at all. But I would have known that I had quit and that would have bothered me.

There were two days during the month that I did not get my allotted amount of push ups completed and that was because I was pacing a friend in a 100 mile run that weekend. So the Friday of that week I did like 40 push ups and that was fine as I was 60 push ups ahead for the month. The second day of that weekend I only did twenty which put me 80 push ups in the hole but I made those up in the first day or two of the following week.

More than getting stronger or just completing the challenge, I was curious about what I would learn by doing 3000 pushups in a month, as I believe you can’t do something like that and not walk away without some new knowledge or insights.

What I learned was this…

  1. Even 100 pushups a day is tough to do even if the time it takes in small. Tough but definitely doable though.
  2. Push ups hit more of your upper body than one may think. My arms are bigger and my chest has increased by more than two inches this month. Push ups also impact your core and your abs indirectly with rather nice results. (There is a reason the military loves push ups.)
  3. If you want to wake up in the morning… as soon as your feet hit the floor, bang out 20-30 push ups… That will shift your morning gears significantly, as you go from feeling like a zombie to feeling like Superman on crank.
  4. Trying to do 3000 push ups in a month really helped me to feel better mentally as I was not in a place to really run for most of the month because I was still recovering. It gave me something to do to feel good about myself.
  5. A lot of people say that their favorite part of running is stopping… the same applied to getting my push ups done for the day. Every day I had a nice feeling of accomplishment once all of my sets were done.

I did over 3000 pushups in a month for the month of September… can I do, and commit to doing 4000 in the month of October? I am still weighing that one out.

It is fun to challenge yourself every so often, even if they are small and goofy challenges like just doing 3000 push ups in a month like I just did. It is always great when you meet that challenge and reach that goal but it is always what you learn during the journey that is more important than anything else.

P.S. I have decided to up the ante for October… 4000 pushups. I have an excel spreadsheet that I created and you if you want to set your own push up goal for the month, let me know by PM with your email address and I will send you the file. #JackedbyHalloween

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 30 September 2016

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