4 Signs That You Have Life Figured Out

Some people have life figured out early on; it is as if they were born knowing how to live and to be happy. The rest of us figure it out as we go along.

I have not figured it all out yet but I am a lot further along that I was a decade or so ago. Here are four signs that you have figured out life and are really succeeding at the art of living:

  1. You try to live ever day in the present. – Most of us live our lives one of two ways…. We are both lamenting over the past and wallowing in regret or we are forever terrified by the prospects of the future. Since you cannot change yesterday or even predict tomorrow, why should you ruin today – your real life – by worrying about anything except for what is right in front of you, the present? Stay present and focused on what you can do today. Tomorrow will reveal itself exactly as it should, just as yesterday already has.
  2. You don’t judge people and that includes yourself. – One of my friends is much younger, by 20 years, but for his age, he is quite evolved when it comes to having life figured out. The other day he confessed a new awareness of how he judges people without even realizing it and he does not want to be that way. I counseled him that if he had that figured out and was aware of it that he was in fact light-years ahead of 99% of the population. People are usually quick to judge others, but slow to correct themselves. It’s much easier to judge people than it is to understand them. That is my friends new motto, “there are no people that I dislike, just those I don’t understand yet.” He definitely has if figured out…
  3. You no longer take things personally. – One of the greatest hallmarks I have witnessed with people who have life figured out is that they no longer take anything that anyone else does, or says, or even what happens in life anymore as a personal attack on them. They no longer take things personally. They understand that what someone else says to them has more to do with what is going on in the other persons mind instead of it really being about them. And because they have the awareness to not take things personally, they are also much less likely to personally attack another as they recognize that a problem that they might have with another person actually stems from their own stuff.
  4. You can stand as your own person. – You respect yourself enough to never allow anyone to walk over you. You are not a bully but you also are never afraid to stand up for yourself either. You don’t try to live you life by pleasing others and you don’t let the negative opinions of others derail you. Everyday you do your best and you know that your best one day might not be your best on another day but you are fine with that.

I love meeting people who I can easily recognize as having figured it all out. In some cases, their knowledge was hard earned and for others, they are just old advanced souls I guess. We all travel our own paths in our own way. In either case, the four points above are common amongst the two in regards to how happy they are and how easily they live their lives.

Most importantly remember, you are succeeding in life. You just have to believe it. What would you add to the list?  What’s one successful, positive part of your life that you might overlook?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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