4 Ways To Rid Yourself Of Frustration

frustrationYou can’t be “frustrated” and feel happy. Nor can you be happy and be carrying around many frustrations either. These two states of being are completely mutually exclusive.

Usually when we are frustrated it is mostly because of our resistance to what is really happening in our lives or our expectations for life are not in line with reality. Regardless of the “why” here are 4 ways to rid yourself of frustration and have a happier and more “relaxed” life.

  1. Happiness involves risk. – You have to be willing to take a chance on what is going to make you happy in life. Happiness is often based on a sense of freedom and the only way to gain that freedom is to be brave. If you feel frustrated with where you are, ask yourself is there is some action that you must take that involves some courage to break free from where you are and to move forward.
  2. Practice integrity with others but also with yourself! – Integrity is fundamental for a happy and meaningful life. When you have integrity (where your words and actions are in line with one another) in your dealings with others those relationships will tend to flourish. But what about having integrity with yourself? Much frustration comes from the conflicts that are a product of us not living in alignment with our core values – we’re not being our true selves. The more authentic you are the more integrity you practice with yourself, the less frustration you will feel.
  3. Less attachment equals less frustration. – It is well known that happiness is a direct result of attachment. The more we are attached to outcomes, to people, to expectations, or to our ideas of how things should be, the more likely we are to feel disappointed and frustrated. Happiness grows in direct proportion to one’s acceptance to how things are but frustration also grows in direct proportion to ones’ expectations.
  4. Be okay with change. – The only constant in life is change. If you expect things to stay the same day after day, year after year, then you are going to experience nothing but frustration in your life. Living a happy life depends on your ability to accept the fact that everything is constantly moving forward, always. No matter how good or bad you have it right now, it’s going change. Change is the one thing you can always count on, so instead of being frustrated, learn and accept that change is a ever present component in life.

Are you happy or are you frustrated? Perhaps a little of both? Hopefully these four tips will help to see ways to minimize the frustrations in your life so that you may experience more joy, happiness, and freedom.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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