5 Benefits Of Being Authentic

5 Benefits Of Being AuthenticBeing authentic means that you are no longer concerned about what others think of you but how do you know if you are being your authentic self or not?

When you are being authentic, you own your actions, your thoughts, and your beliefs while also fearlessly being your true self in front of others. And being authentic and being your true self is always the best way to be, and not only is it better for you but it is also better for everyone around you as well.

5 Benefits Of Being Authentic

Just as it is always better to tell to the truth, being authentic is actually more rewarding and easier than not. If you don’t believe me, here are 5 reasons and benefits for being your authentic self:

  1. It takes a lot less energy! – When you are being authentic and your true self, you are not expending needless energy filtering your words and editing yourself. And the more you filter yourself, the harder it will be for people to ever get to know the real you.
  2. You attract the “right” people into your life. – Being authentic weeds the “wrong” people out of your life while making room and actually attracting the “right” people instead. The people that appreciate your opinions and enjoy your company will stick with you, while the people that don’t like you will stay away from you. Being authentic allows you to have more meaningful friendships and relationships whereas when you are not being authentic, the chances are that the people you surrounded yourself with are not authentic either.
  3. You don’t feel the need to change other people! – When you are being authentic your attitude is such that you are okay if people accept you and you are just as okay if they don’t. Because you are being your true self, you have no expectations of being accepted and that means you are more accepting of others and don’t feel the need to change them. Authentic people understand that the only people they can change are themselves.
  4. You live your life, not the life others think you should. – Who are you really living your life for? Are you living your version of your life or are you living a life based on the expectations of others? Being authentic frees you to follow your passions, interests, your own personal intuition, and because you are comfortable and confident about whom you are, life is a lot more enjoyable.
  5. You rely on yourself for happiness and not on others – When you look to yourself for your own happiness as opposed to basing  your happiness on others, it is significantly easier to find a happiness that stays with you. Other people’s happiness comes and goes, and it is not healthy to rely on others when trying to feel or experience your own happiness.

It is important to note that not caring what other people think is NOT the same thing as being selfish or self-centered. Being authentic is about being self-confident and owning what is you and not fearing the social judgments of others. And as soon as you realize that people’s judgments of you are not going to harm you, it is much easier to feel free and become your best self.

Are you living an authentic life? Do you deny your authenticity to yourself and to those around you? What can you do today that would put you more line with your authentic and true self?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 11 August 2007

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