5 Life Lessons To Learn And Practice Each Day

Every day is an opportunity to learn and every day we have the choice to apply those lessons in life.

“It is not enough to have knowledge, one must also apply it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here are five life lessons to learn and to practice every day:

  1. Take the side streets in life. – Some of my greatest adventures in life happened mostly because other plans had fallen though. I like to call them alternate-adventures. Once I was scheduled to take a trip to Brazil and at the last minute, as in I was at the airport, my trip was cancelled. Instead of brooding about it, I accepted the fact that I was now on an alternate-adventure and ended up having one of the most fun two weeks that I have ever had here in Colorado. Try to take new routes in life. Welcome the surprises that can put you on a different path allowing you to see, experience, and learn things that you otherwise might not otherwise be exposed to.
  2. Look past the surface and the obvious. – Don’t get caught up in seeing the world as totally black and white, which can often lead you to make assumptions that may or may not be true. Take the time to look at things from all angles and dig deeper if you are compelled to get closer to the truth.
  3. Strive to lean every day. – As long as you are breathing, you will have the capacity to learn something new. Always Be Learning! Learn more about your job, your hobbies, your loved ones, and the world around you. Even at my age, I am astounded by the things that I learn that I didn’t already know.  Crack open a book, Google something new, go back to school, or take a free class on something you are interested in but know nothing about.
  4. Don’t wallow in negative emotions. – Life is too short to stay stuck in anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, or fear. It is perfectly fine to feel what you feel, but you have the choice if you want to keep feeling it. Feel your feelings then let them go. If you find yourself stuck in negativity, the surest way out is in that moment to focus on gratitude. You cannot experience a negative emotion and gratitude simultaneously. One cannot exist in the presence of the other so choose gratitude.
  5. Never hold back. – Life is incredibly short and nothing is guaranteed — even tomorrow. Never miss a chance to tell those that you love that you love them. Never pass up on a chance to do anything as it might never come to you again. Never waste a day trying to be someone that you aren’t because tomorrow you might not have the chance to present your authentic self to the world. Never hold back on your dreams, goals, aspirations or desires in life. Shine at your brightest every day without holding anything back from the world.

These five life lessons and their application are only a drop in the bucket but are still important in order to get the most out of life every day. Do you have a valuable life lesson that you apply to life that you would like to share?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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