5 Reasons You Should Support A Good Cause

This weekend I am doing a race called the Summit for Life. In this race we go from the base of Aspen Mountain all the way to the top. We will climb 3,267 vertical feet – over 2.5 miles uphill and at night! It is a fundraiser for the Chris Klug Foundation to raise money to to raise awareness for tissue and organ donation.  Every racer pays a registration fee and is expected to raise a minimum of $100 in donations.

I love to run and compete so the elements of this race alone makes it a very fun event for me.  But more than that it is for a good cause and one that I fully believe in and support.  Nearly 6000 people die in this country every year waiting for a donated organ and there are over 123,00 people in this country on a donor waiting list to receive a transplant.  It is my hope that by participating in this race and supporting this cause those numbers decrease significantly in my lifetime. And yes, I am a registered donor.

There are probably thousands of charities and causes to support out there.  Doing something good for others directly benefits them but there are great benefits for yourself as well.

  • It gets you outside of yourself. – Supporting a cause forces you to think about more than just yourself and your problems.  It puts your brain into giving mode, be it you time, your money,  your efforts.  When we focus on other issues than our own and are in helping mode our problems seem to decrease in size and scope.
  • It makes you part of a community. – Getting out there and supporting a cause places you in a community with the same focus.  We tend to isolate ourselves too much in society these days and this is a good way to “get out there.”
  • You benefit from others benefiting. – Just knowing that you have done something good for someone else goes a long way to boost a positive self-image.  It can help fight depression, boost confidence, and depending on the situation improve your physical fitness.
  • Donations are tax deductible.When you donate to a charitable organization or a non-profit group, the amount you donate is tax deductible. So are travel costs and any other costs that you might incur.
  • You will want to give more. – After donating time or money to a charity or non-profit organization, you may feel inspired to become more involved with the cause by donating more of your time and skills.  The more you give the better you feel so you may be moved to give more even more.

The concept that giving to others can make you feel good about yourself is not new. It can benefit your psychological, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Get out there, support a cause, get involved, and give!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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