5 Ways To Raise Your Happiness Quotient

A lot of us know our IQ scores, or intelligence quotient ranking but what about your HQ, your happiness quotient? What is your score?

On most days, what would you say your happiness quotient is? Is it where you think it should be? Have you ever even had a high HQ score? Have you ever truly felt happiness? On a scale of one to ten, where are you sitting right now in regards to your happiness?

If your HQ is not where you want it to be, then here are 5 easy tips to help get you there:

  1. Decide to be happy. – Rule number one to being happy… decide to be happy. Rule number two when it comes to being happy… see rule number one! It’s rather easy… to get started you must decide to make happiness a priority in your life. Just as you would spend a certain amount of time each day exercising if you want fitness, you need to devote time each day to creating happiness in your life.
  2. Value your happiness. – Make your happiness a priority in your life, and also guard it with your own personal boundaries if you have to. But before you can do that, you must decided that your happiness is truly a high priority for you. Your choices are based on what you value and if you place a low priority on happiness in life, other choices (and emotions) will take precedence. Where do you place happiness on your priorities list compared to work, taking care of others, spending money, etc.?
  3. Think about happiness. – Unhappy tend to dwell on their problems. They find fault with themselves and other people, and everything else in life for that matter. That isn’t thinking – that’s wallowing. Thinking involves solving your problems, and determining how to bring out the best in yourself and others. Spend at least 10 minutes a day thinking about times and situations when you were happy and re-live those feelings inside you. Think about what you could do today to experience those same feelings, and then do it.
  4. Promote happiness! – If you have found your own happiness or a way to raise your HQ then share it with others! Doing good things for others will keep your own HQ elevated because what goes around comes around. Knowing that you’re a person who makes other people feel good also will give you a deep sense of satisfaction about who you are as a person.
  5. Be happy now! – Ask yourself this question, ‘what do I need to do right now to feel happy?’ Maybe it’s watching a funny video, reading something inspirational, or going for a walk, a run, or exercising. Maybe it is realizing that you must change your attitude about something and then committing to do just that. Whatever it is for you and whatever you need to do put aside time each day to bring more happiness into your life.

Every day there are things that happen in your life that make you feel either happy or unhappy, the fact is that these experiences come and they and they are temporary. The better equipped you are at handling these kinds of events that cause you stress or unhappiness, the less impact they will have on your overall well-being and happiness. Using these five tips will go a long way to not only raise your HQ but also empower you to balance out the negative “stuff” that comes with each day.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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