6 Instant Fixes For A Bad Day

I hope that everyone is enjoying their three-day weekend and having Monday off tomorrow. It has always seemed to me the downside to three day weekends is that the first day of the work week, Tuesday, seems like a Monday multiplied by two.

So incase your Tuesday/Monday after the long weekend gets out of hand, here are 6 instant fixes for a bad day if you need them:

  1. Get outside. – You probably spent a lot of time outside over the weekend and being stuck inside again might be causing an inordinate amount of stress and tension. If you can, step outside and remove yourself from whatever is causing anxiety. Get some fresh air, soak in some sun and stretch your legs to get the blood flowing again.
  2. Clean up your mess and de-clutter. – Nothing will heap on stress and make you feel overloaded than constantly looking at the mess that might be on your desk, table or wherever. Take a few minutes to clear up all of that visual chaos.
  3. Get yourself to laugh. – Usually when I realize that I am having a less than stellar day I also realize that I have been too caught up in what I have been working on to stop and laugh at all during the day. Read something funny, look at some youtube videos, anything to get a chuckle. Laughter can cheer us up and decrease anxiety. Remember, there is a reason they say that laughter is the best medicine
  4. Change your perspective. – When it feels like your day is circling the drain, you can usually stop it by changing what you are focusing on. Feelings of frustration and anxiety often come from thinking that every action we are taking at this moment is very serious and important. Take a minute to think about what you’re truly grateful for, like your family, your home, or your career. Once you focus on what you are grateful for the things that are frustrating you will not seem to important anymore.
  5. Do something nice for someone else. – Doing something nice for someone else always makes us feel better. Even the smallest thing like opening or holding a door for someone else will refocus you energies (which have probably been all on yourself) towards being a service of others.
  6. Ride it out. – Sometimes you just can’t escape a bad day or a bad mood. It is just there and it is going to stay there until your head hits the pillow at night. If that is the case, just recognize it as such and continue to do your best throughout your day. Do your best to manage any negative emotions to not spread them around and keep your eye on tomorrow expecting that it will be a better day. It will be.

Hopefully these tips will get you through any rough patch or tough day you might be having. Even if you have tried all of these tips and are still off-center, just give it time. You can’t force yourself into a good mood but the good news is that no bad mood, or bad day for that matter, lasts forever.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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