7 Things NOT To Do On Your Weekend

Let’s face it, everyone is multitasking themselves to death. And that line between the office and home has never been more blurred than it is now. If this is your end of week break then here are 7 things not to do on your weekend.

  1. Don’t talk about the office. – Leave the office at the office today. Sometimes we get so caught up in talking about work all the time with everyone in our lives that we forget there are other things to talk about. Ask you friends and family how they are and genuinely listen. This is especially true if you are fortunate enough to be invited to a social event… don’t discuss work and don’t let your first interaction with a new acquaintance be, “so, what do you do?
  2. Don’t read the news. – It is good to be informed but too often we are just overwhelmed with the news of the day. Give it a break for a couple of days. It will still be there Monday and most news is just a waste of time anyway… Sports teams will win while others lose, and trust me… the Kardashians will still be there too.
  3. Don’t answer your phone when it rings. – Unless you really want to that is. Just because your phone rings, doesn’t mean you have to answer it. That is what the “off” mode is for. Don’t let your phone interrupt your weekend. Remember, it is there for your convenience, not everyone else’s. (The same applies to texts and texting.)
  4. Don’t bring work home to “get ahead.” – Unless something is really urgent and a deadline is looming, don’t bring work home to get ahead. You have a limited amount of time off to spend with your friends and family so don’t squander it working when you could be having quality time with everyone else. I used to be horrible about this and would read email all night on Sunday nights anticipating the following week.
  5. Don’t bury yourself with weekend chores. – Sure the lawn needs mowed, the house probably needs cleaned, and laundry needs to be done but don’t make that your entire weekend either. At the most dedicate one day of your weekend to taking care of life’s administriva tasks but leave a day to rest, recharge, recreate, and relax.
  6. Choose carefully whom you spend time with on your break. – You only have two days off so choose carefully with whom you spend time with. Don’t waste your time with negative people in your off time. Negative people not only waste your time, but they zap your energy.
  7. Don’t deviate too much from your sleep schedule. – Sure it is great to sleep late on Sunday but if it wrecks your sleep schedule and keeps you up late on Sunday night and causes insomnia then the first day of the week is going to be a mess. Catch up on rest but don’t get yourself so out of sync that it destroys your Monday and you suffer from the Monday-Morning Mood.

Balancing your time on weekends can be very tough these days. At one point in my career, I used to joke, “Yay, it’s Friday! Only two more working days until Monday!” And because of that there is a lot of lost time back there which I will never get back.

Take your weekend for yourself and use this list of 7 things not to do on your weekend if you must. Your friends and family will appreciate it and I can promise that you will thank yourself as well.

Have a great weekend!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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