7 Tips For When Life Gives You A Beatdown

It happens every once in awhile and it is not fun… bad days, bad situations, bad luck, it all adds up and it and feels like life is giving you one huge beatdown.

We all have challenges in life, both big ones and small ones. Sometimes they are real and other times they are troubles that we create or imagine ourselves. In either case, the overwhelming sensation can feel the same. Over time, without any respite, you can feel beat up, battered, and ultimately beatdown.

If you are prone to panic attacks, now is the perfect time to have one kick in! All that you have to do is play all of the worse-case scenarios over and over in your head until you are overcome by it all. It can all add up quickly – problems with your partner or spouse, being behind on a project at work, not having enough money to get through the month, and so on.

When you feel that beatdown coming, don’t let it send you to the canvas. Follow these seven tips and keep reminding yourself that you will prevail!

1. Face the problem head on! – First of all, identify the irritating situation that has you feeling battered. Be honest with yourself about the true nature of the problem…. Is it real or is it imaginary? Once you figure it out, face it head on. You will only waste more time and energy (and feel more beat up) by trying to work yourself around the problem rather than trying to solve it head on.

2. Remember that you deserve happiness! – Even when things are at their worst, being happy or miserable is still a choice that you have total control over. When life begins to beat you up do whatever you can to pause in the moment and choose to be happy rather than caught up in the drama of the moment. Never take whatever bad thing that is happening as “personal” or adopt the mindset that it is happening “to you.” Stuff happens in life all of the time, good or bad, and in each situation it is up to you to decide to be happy or miserable. Remember that you deserve happiness and decide to be happy no matter what.

3. Focus on the positives. – Our minds work in strange ways. When you focus on predominantly positive thoughts, you feel happy. The opposite is also true, but negative thoughts “outweigh” positive thoughts and it takes more positive to counterbalance that. When you are being beat down by life, focus on the positives as much as you can. The more positive thoughts you hold, the more positive results you will experience and that will enable you to turn things around in your favor.

4. Speak in the affirmative! – Just as we can choose out thoughts to be negative or positive, we have the same choice with the words that we use. When you use “weak-language” or weak words, your results and subsequent life experience will be weak in nature as well. Be aware of your choice of words. Instead of saying, “maybe,” say, “I will!” Instead of saying, “hoping”, say “plan.” In many cases you can transform your thoughts and feelings just by deciding to use different and more powerful word choices.

5. Be persistent and keep digging! – When you feel beat down by life, it is easy to want to give in and just give up. DON’T! Be persistent with your actions and your faith that you are on the right path. Keep digging for the vein of gold, even after the roof of the mine caves in. Keep on making progress with what you originally set out to do in life for yourself.

6. Get moving! – Exercise! Go for a walk, go for a run, or hit the weights. When life gets hard sometimes, the only positive thing you can do to counteract things is to do something positive just for yourself. Exercise to bleed off worry and stress, and to revitalize you and your outlook on life. A good workout can leave you feeling more confident to handle anything that life is throwing at you in that moment. It can change your physical, emotional, and mental state whenever you feel beat down.

7. Practice gratitude! – No matter what is happening, there is always something for you to be grateful and thankful for. Sit down in a quiet place and just start off a list on paper or in your head, “I am grateful for…” and don’t stop until you feel your outlook change. When we are beat down, feeling gratitude for anything can be a challenge but by focusing on what you are thankful for you will change your attitude and overall sense of well-being that will allow to handle anything!

Life can be hard at times, and being overwhelmed and feeling beat up is just part of the journey. You can choose to take it lying down or you can use the seven tips above to gain momentum and to rise above. And remember, you are never beaten until you choose to believe that you are, so stay on your feet!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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