7 Ways To Sabotage Your Happiness

Do you sabotage your happiness? Everyone becomes unhappy at one time or another but the bad news is that when it comes to our personal happiness we may just be our own worst enemies.

Here are 7 common ways that you may actually make yourself unhappy all on your own:

  1. You worry too much. – Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to have happen.” Not only does worrying take your attention from the present but it also invites that which are worried about to become an actual part of your reality. Worrying is a component of fear and nothing good EVER comes from living a life of fear.
  2. You take more than you give. – The concept that giving to others can make you feel good about yourself is not new. It can benefit your psychological, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Get out there, support a cause, get involved, and give!
  3. You always focus on the negatives. – How often do you focus on the inconsequential things in life and by doing that end up ruining your experience of the consequential? Are you able to enjoy “what is right” without being distracted by “what is wrong?”
  4. You beat yourself up too much when you make mistakes. – Life is messy and you are going to make mistakes. Own your mess, clean it up, and be willing to learn from it as well. The next time you make a mistake, just remember: We are all human and we all make mistakes. It’s how we handle our setbacks and failures that truly define us as and determine how successful we will be in the future.
  5. You live in the past. – If you are always looking back and constantly saying, “only if…” you are missing everything that is good right now. It is okay to have fond remembrances to reflect on. Those are the treasures of life but to wallow in the past and on negative thoughts does no good.
  6. You look outward instead of inward for happiness. – Beware if you find yourself saying things like, “I will be happy when/if I…” Such statements show that you are focusing on outside events, circumstances, people, etc. in order to be happy. Seeking happiness from outside sources might work in the short term, but ultimately you will end up back where you started, or in a even worse place than before.
  7. You have unrealistic expectations about perfection. – There is no such thing as a perfect world. Trying to keep everything within the lines of perfection is the first thing that you have to let go of in order to be happy. You have to say goodbye to perfection in order to say hello to your happiness.

There are other ways to sabotage your happiness that could be added to the list such as being jealous, resentful, or ungrateful.

No one is happy all the time. But if you choose to sabotage your happiness it can become a cycle that you might never escape. Remember, happiness isn’t just a mood or a feeling, it’s a choice.

Do any of these seem familiar to you? Have you ever found yourself getting the way of your own happiness?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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