A One-Year Celebration

one-year celebrationJoin me in celebrating the one-year benchmark for my Blog. It was a year ago that I committed to getting serious about this Blog and some goals I reached, some I did not but I learned a ton in the process.

The numbers… Last November 22, I had 22 articles that I had accumulated on my website’s Blog page over a year and half time-span. Not too many and though I thought I was making a great website, I learned that in fact it was rather dormant.

Someone had told me that in order to grow my business and to reach people, and to have the search engine god named Google even register my website in searches I had to take a much different approach. She said that I needed to write one article for day for about a year…


One article per day… at first I did not believe I could do it. On my running Blog I can get a good article per week on average but to write something and publish once a day seemed nearly impossible. For instance, where were all of the ideas going to come from? For me, I guess I am lucky as I am always coming up with ideas… they just come to me it seems like and from some of the most unlikely sources at times. It could be something that I experience with a client, something that I experience in life, and sometimes it just pops up in my head out of nowhere and I go for it.

But last fall I had started to write more and more… one article per week turned into two, which later turned in to three or so. Having the entire week of Thanksgiving to myself, I decided to challenge myself to write one article per day for the entire week just see if I could do it, and I did; seven days straight of writing and publishing. The streak had begun.

My first goal was 100 articles total, followed by 100 days straight, then it was on to 200 articles total, 200 days straight, etc. After my confidence increased and I knew I could write on a regular basis, my overall goal was to go 365 day straight.

Well… I didn’t make it.

I made it until July and discovered that I needed a break, from everything. Ideas were getting a little harder to come by and my writing was beginning to feel a little forced. But more than anything, I just needed a week or so off to have a vacation like anyone one else. I think I took about nine days off total.

Through the late summer and fall, there were other things that came up that took me away from writing, a big race, some work projects, family visits, etc. Just life.

Even though I did not make my original goal, I am very happy with my results. Back to the numbers… this posting will be article number 352. So I have written a total of 330 articles in the past year. Think about that… 330 articles of quality (I think they are) geared to inspire, help, incite thought, and overall help my readers. That’s a lot of writing!

From an “inbound-marketing” standpoint, my Blog has been a huge success. Clients have found me because of it. Success Magazine discovered it and because of that I was featured in one of their articles this past September.

And it is always great to have “my-material” to send to a client when we talk about a certain subject during a session.

Inbound-Marketing aside… what makes my Blog a success? What really inspires me and motivates me to keep going…. It is when I get an email from someone telling me how much they enjoyed an article or how much my articles have helped them or inspired them. Learning that I can write something that actually benefits someone is a thousand times more rewarding than Google Page Rank or page-view statistics or any other data like that.

The greatest compliment that I have received was from a reader who once told me that she felt that in a lot of my articles that I was speaking directly to her, as if I were there. Wow!

For the next three weeks, my writing will still be bound to a three to four times a week schedule until I am done working on a project on Aspen Mountain but after that I am committed to writing seven days a week again.

My next goal is to reach 400 articles total and I guess that will be sometime in January and I am okay with that. Although I did not reach my original goal, I have this comforting thought… 352 articles is a lot of damned writing but if I did not have my goal, how many would I have actually written? Having that number to aim at allowed me to basically do something which in the beginning I thought was nearly impossible. If you were to average it all out… I only skipped two days a month publishing. To me that is still impressive.

To everyone who reads my Blog, thank you. Thank you for your support, your feedback and for inspiring me to “show-up” to do my best, and for allowing me to be an impact and an influence in your life.

This Blog… one-year later… I am amazed with how it all turned out and I am excited for what is in store for the future… Hint: Be looking for video content shortly!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 23 November 2015

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