A Silver Bullet For Weight Loss

a silver bullet for weight lossThere are no shortcuts in life towards any success, usually. But this past year I have to say that I have found a silver bullet for weight loss that I have been using the past six months and the results have been amazing.

A Silver Bullet For Weight Loss

As an athlete, or more accurately, as a middle-aged athlete approaching 50, maintaining a healthy weight year round is a constant battle. Through training, I am typically at my lowest weight of the year in July or so, but in the fall through New Years, I am both prone and vulnerable to pack on a few extra pounds.

As I have always said, and what I tell anyone when it comes to the subject of weight loss is first to eat sensibly and second to track what you eat. If I had to describe my daily diet when I am trying to really maintain or lose weight, I would call it paleo-ish which means I focus on protein, cleaner carbohydrates, and work very hard not to eat the things I love to eat every day like candy, ice cream, cookies, etc… you get the idea.

Nevertheless, every year as I get older the battle gets harder. Every year I must cut out something new and eliminate it all together from my diet. That being said, I am proud to say that I have been soda free now (with the exception of the Leadville 100 Trail Run weekend in August) for a full year tomorrow.

Tracking what I eat is always super-beneficial as I can see exactly what it is that I am eating and just knowing that I will have to record “that candy bar” is often enough to dissuade me from having one. I use myfitnesspal.com to track my calories every day and it works great. I also have it tied into TrainingPeaks.com so that my workouts each day are automatically calculated into that day’s calorie needs.

In “theory” one of my favorite diets ever though was the Atkins Diet that I did quite some time ago and the principal of that diet it to severely restrict carbs to under 25G a day and after a few days your body will switch over to burning fat as fuel instead of constantly consuming carbs as fuel.

When you body does that, it goes into a state called ketosis and that is when you are completely metabolizing and burning body fat for fuel.

But dieting, even using Atkins is HARD. The cravings that you go through can be very challenging to deal with. It is easy to break down and go have that piece of cake… trust me…

However, this summer I discovered something and it is worth checking out for yourself… It is called Keto//OS and though I never ever believed in a silver bullet for weight loss… this is indeed a silver bullet for weight loss and it works!

Basically, when you drink Keto//OS you are ingesting exogenous ketones which in an hour or so after drinking puts your body into ketosis/fat burning mode without the painful adjustment phase of going through a severe carbohydrate limiting diet for days or weeks to get there.

Now, I am skeptical about most things and even though I thought this stuff might work, well, I still was not sure. But it does and I can tell you how I know. When I run, most of my longer runs are ran in what is called my aerobic or fat-burning zone… which means I run slow enough that my body burns fat instead of sugar/glycogen.

One time this summer after having one of my first Keto//OS drinks, I went for a LONG fourteen mile run which took over three hours as it was all trail. Throughout the run I never felt as if I needed to take on any more calories and the further along the run went, the better I felt actually. Honestly, it felt as if I were flying and while I felt good, I was always waiting to “bonk” but it never happened.

This stuff really helped my training… especially when I was injured for three weeks this past summer and had to scale back on training, I did not gain any weight those weeks at all.

As far as a silver bullet for weight loss goes… it worked… my body fat percentage dropped lower than it ever had been in ages… as well as my weight. It might have worked too well because when I showed up in Leadville in August to race, I think I heard the word “gaunt” more than a few times when people asked about my weight…

At any rate… I am a fan of Keto//OS and I am a rep for them, I will not lie, but I would not even think of endorsing anything unless I new first hand that it was bulletproof. Me… I couldn’t sell a heater to an Eskimo and I never believe in a hard-sell ever… I just wanted to share this with you if you are interested. Follow the link to Keto//OS and there is a great video there that shows you how it works.

Not going to lie… this stuff is NOT cheap. I figure at the rate I buy it, I pay about $4.50 per serving. And if you have two servings a day, that’s nine bucks a day that you are drinking! OUCH!

But the one thing that I love about this product so much is that it completely crushes my appetite. And that has ALWAYS been my weakness when it comes to dieting, feeling hungry all of the time. That being said, I just figure that I am saving that much money every day from not eating out, or eating more food than necessary, etc, all the while losing weight and feeling great about it.

Anyway… I figure this product is not for everybody… take it for what it is worth, but if you are looking for a silver bullet for weight loss – I believe this is as close to one as you are ever going to find. It is worth checking out at least…

If after reading this and you are interested in Keto//OS and want to talk to me about it, just drop me a line… again, no hard sell but I can tell you as a middle-aged man and as an athlete, this stuff has been a total and complete game-changer for me. No Joke!

P.S. I ordered my next 90 supply just a couple of days ago and with a silver bullet for weight loss like this, I intend to go into 2017 the lightest I have ever weighed going into a new year and I am truly excited about that!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 23 November 2016

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