Abundance VS Lack

abundancevslackDo you focus on what you have or on what you do not have? Do you concentrate on the abundance in life or do you only see the lack?

If the thought of lack, whether it be money, recognition, or love has become your predominant focus in life, you will always experience that lack. Recognizing the good that is already in your life is the foundation of abundance. The truth is that whatever you think that people, the world, or the universe is withholding from you, it is you who is doing the withholding first.

Try this… whatever  you believe is being withheld from you, praise, appreciation, assistance, love… try giving it instead. You can not receive what you do not give.

Abundance comes to those who already have it. Both abundance and scarcity are inner states that manifest in the reality that you choose to experience.

And so it is when bad or negative events occur in our lives. We tend to focus on that and stay anchored in that less than positive space and as a result only invite more to join us.

Which mind set do you frequently experience? Is it one of lack or is it one of abundance? Below you can see a perspective of abundance compared to one of lack.

Abundance — Lack

There is enough. — There is not enough

I am enough. — I am not enough.

Cooperation and inspiration. — Competition.

More than enough for everyone. — Need to fight for my share.

I create what I desire. — I have to rely on others to get what I want.

Connection with your higher self. — Connection with your lower self.

Money and things are an affect. — Money and things are the cause.

Ease and grace. — Force and struggle.

Creative energy to create. — Work hard and push.

The universe supports me. — The universe only supports me in certain things.

I can have it all. — There is no utopia.

No one is better or less than me. — Others are better or less than me.

Always looking for a solution. — Focused on the problem.

Success is unlimited. — There is only a certain amount of success.

I am deserving. — I am not deserving and I need to prove it.

Appreciation. — Addiction  to self-pity and deprecation.

There is no ceiling to what I can do. — There is a ceiling to what I can accomplish.

Love and give. — Blame and take.

Love — Fear

Take responsibility. — Don’t take responsibility and remain a victim.

Take inspired action. — Procrastination (a form of self punishment)

Admire and support. — Be jealous and envious.

Look In Not Out

If you are always looking outside of yourself at circumstances and situations to become more than what you already are, then you are not in the present and appreciating what you already have.

What if you aligned your thoughts and emotions right now with abundance? What if you felt that you were enough? Be satisfied now. Don’t wait. Make peace with where you are right now. Set your goals, see yourself already there and be resolved to succeed in attaining your goals, no matter what it takes.

Do not focus on the lack in life but rather focus on the abundance in your life and watch it grow.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

photo credit: Crouchy69 via photopin cc


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