Adjust Your Expectations Without Lowering Your Standards

Adjust Your Expectations Without Lowering Your StandardsIt is important to have the highest expectations but sometimes expectations need to be adjusted to reflect reality. However, adjusting your expectations is never an excuse for lowering your standards.

Adjust Your Expectations Without Lowering Your Standards

I am notorious for having high expectations especially when it comes to what I demand from myself in anything. And I have very high standards for how I fulfill those expectations.

But sometimes your expectations have to be adjusted because they are not inline with what really is or what really is possible. There is a project that I am working on now with a start-up company. I have working with them for a few weeks now and my vision is that there will be many employed, full-time, by this company and there will always be plenty of work.

Yet after nearly a half a day of meetings yesterday, I came to the realization that might not be the case, at least not in the near future. In fact, there will be little work in the beginning and what comes in will be in fits and spurts.

Now I could be disappointed and frustrated but when it comes down to it the entire purpose of this company is to make a difference, not the almighty dollar. Make a difference for the customer, but to also make a huge difference in the life of the employee. Instead of being disappointed, I decided that I needed to adjust my expectations a wee bit.

If this company only hires one person that we can help, and we can help that person and make his or her life better… just one person… then we have done our job. That is more or less my new expectation for this endeavor. Anything else will be icing on top. If we can help that one person and have that big of an impact, then we get to help another one and do the same, awesome…

So I have adjusted my way of thinking and what I expect the results to be for this company, at least in the short term. My expectations have shrunk a little, but… my standards and what I will accept, especially from myself and how I contribute remains the same.

Just because the potential results have been downsized a bit, I will not sacrifice my standards and put in a sub-par effort just because of it. I can lower my expectations and not lower my standards.

This Blog is another example of having to adjust expectations yet maintaining or even bettering a standard. The strangest thing happens every month around the first week of the month and that is that traffic decreases by 75-80%. It lasts for about a week then BOOM, it is back to normal. It is a trend I have identified and have come to expect for some weird reason. During these down-cycles, I can get mad or frustrated about it or I can just accept that for a few days each month traffic is going to wane, but also knowing that it will soon bounce back. What I cannot do and will not do is use it as an excuse to submit filler articles or garbage to my Blog, because, “Why not? Nobody is reading it this week anyway…” Expectations adjusted… standards are not.

While it is true, the more you expect the more you typically receive, there are just times where you have to bring those expectations more in line with reality. But when you do, never look at is as opportunity to lower your standards or more importantly what you expect from yourself when it comes to the quality of your efforts. It is never an excuse to fail to do your best.

What do you think? Are expectations sometimes warranted to be changed? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Do you believe that you can lower expectations and not sacrifice your own standards?

“The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”Ray Kroc

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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