Any Start Is Better Than Not Starting

Any Start Is Better Than Not StartingHow many times have you started something and then stumbled? Did you try again or did you give up? Getting anything right often requires many attempts and failures, and any start is better than not starting at all.

Starting anything new can be a scary experience. We fear failure, we fear ridicule, and we fear others telling us, “We told you so” if we fall down. But which would you rather have, some skinned knees in life from tripping and falling or regret over the chances that you never took?

Any Start Is Better Than Not Starting

Any start is better than not starting because even if you fail you will learn from the experience. Think of it as a lesson and not a loss.

Any start and subsequent falling down helps you to build resilience. As they say… fall down six times… get up seven. You can always try again.

So what if you fail? I don’t know about you but if I want something bad enough I would much rather go down swinging rather than shrugging my shoulders, giving up, and just walking away.

Start! Just start… any start will do and any start is better than not starting and never knowing if you “could have” or not. Start small if you have to but just start at whatever it is you want to accomplish or achieve.

Don’t allow yourself to held back by the fears and insecurities of others. Don’t be afraid of criticism or failure as the only real failure in life is giving up. Persist until you succeed!

If you have to get something done or have a goal, then start… make the first step a baby step if you have to. Any start is better than not starting at all so don’t worry about making such a huge first step that you cower away from it.

Whatever it is…  just start!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 25 March 2011

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