Are You A False Positive?

false positiveAre you a false positive? Do you have the ability to say something positive and allow the statement to be as it is or do you have to qualify it always with a “but?” Do you try your best to put on a smiling face while inside you probably actually rolling your eyes?

If that sounds like then you are probably a false positive…

When it comes to polarities there are only two kinds… positive and negative. Plus or minus… and the same rules that you learned algebra pretty much apply… a positive multiplied by a positive is a positive… but any positive multiplied by a negative is negative. The one rule that does not apply is a negative multiplied by a negative… in math it’s a positive but in real life when it comes to what feel, what we experience, and what we perceive, a negative multiplied by a negative is still a negative.

Positive words, especially if said behind negative feelings or beliefs are just not positive and that hidden negativity, while we think we are doing a good job hiding it, will be clearly visible.

Even positive actions unless matched with positive intention, thought or feeling can turn out to be negative as well. Have you ever worked with anyone who “was there” but clearly did not want to be? That’s what I am getting at here.

When you compliment someone is the compliment complete as it is or is there possibly another silent “other thought” hanging on the end of the sentence, invisible, but still there? Yet another example of a false positive…

Believe it or not, I used to be quite proficient at being a false positive which in reality means I was usually downright negative. The memory is unclear but at one time, I remember exclaiming that something sucked and whomever it was that was with me urged me to be more positive…me being me I complied and retorted, “I am positive this sucks!” It was probably funnier then.

It’s a more overt example of being a false positive but it is a true story.

Don’t Be A False Positive

Try not to be a false positive if you can because people who are false-positives are in the end bummers to be around, listen to, or read their social media updates…

Remember… any compliment or positive observation followed up with a complaint, well, it’s still just a complaint which is another form of a false positive too.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 31 August 2010

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