Are You An Advice Addict?

Are you capable of taking advice and acting on it, or do you continually seek out more advice just to be safe? If you answered “yes,” you might just be an advice addict.

Advice is a funny thing. No matter how much great advice a person may receive, they might always feel the need for more before even thinking about acting on any of it. Instead of following good advice and achieving their goals, they have made the act of receiving advice their goal.

Those who are advice addicts are always in the advice-receiving mode. When someone gives them good advice, they get excited about the potential of putting it into action to achieve their goals but they never move past the anticipation/excitement stage and move on into the taking action stage.

People receive good advice all the time, but in the end, few actually do anything with that advice. For those who are advice-receiving addicts, the remedy is to seek more advice in order to delay having to take any action.

The problem with advice addicts is that they postpone their entire lives by always seeking advice and never taking any action. In order for advice to work, you must take action with the advice you are given and then if you need more advice go back and get more…

Do you know any advice addicts? They are typically the ones who like to get the same advice over, and over, and over again. Have you ever had a friend call you and ask for advice and after giving it them they called you back two hours later asking for the same advice? If you are not careful, you can be caught up in the advice addict’s cycle for years and it can truly be exhausting.

Advice addicts just like having problems, and are more content having the problem than actually solving it. Having the problem makes them feel important. Whenever the advice addict receives advice, especially from people they are close to, they are also receiving attention along with the advice, and that is what makes this type of advice seeking so addictive for them. If they were to follow your advice and actually solve the problem then they fear they will no longer get any attention from you or anyone else.

When you ask for advice from others, be aware if you are doing it as a step before taking action, or are you doing it to prevent you from taking the steps that you know you have to do. Do not use advice-seeking as a stall tactic, and don’t allow those around you to constantly harangue you for advice unless you know they are going to actually use it – Don’t enable the advice addict.

Seeking wise counsel is never a bad idea but don’t be stuck there. Get the advice you need, put it into action and enjoy the results that come with being on track. Don’t get addicted to hearing the same advice over and over again and never using it.

Have you ever used getting advice as a delay tactic that kept you from actually doing anything? Do you know anyone else who does?  How do you deal with the advice addicts in your life?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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