Be Thankful And Let Gratitude Guide Your Day

Just for today (or longer if you wish) let gratitude guide your day… Focus on all of the things going right and be thankful for them throughout your day.

If you got a good nights sleep… be thankful.

If you woke up without having to hear your alarm blaring… be thankful.

If you were able to eat a satisfying breakfast… be thankful.

If you were on time (or early) leaving the house to go to work… be thankful.

If your commute was fast and easy… be thankful.

If you made it to work on time… be thankful.

If your coworkers are in a good mood… be thankful.

If your boss is in a good mood… be thankful.

If YOU are in a good mood… be extra thankful!

If you were able to have a great lunch break… be thankful.

If your clients or customers were easy to work with today… be thankful.

If you were able to leave work early… be thankful.

If you were able to spend part of your evening doing what you love to do… be thankful.

If your family was all together for dinner… be thankful. (And be thankful for your food too!)

If you had a great evening without a lot of stress… be thankful.

If you can lay your head on your pillow with sound peace of mind at the end of the day… be thankful.

If you wake up tomorrow… be thankful.

Then do it all again…

Each of us has at least 1000 things to be thankful for everyday if we take the time to stop and notice. Be thankfulf or everything that you can and I can promise that it will create a dramatic (and positive) shift in your day.

What else can you be thankful for today?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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