Being An Introvert Rocks!

being an introvert rocks

My name is Andy and I am an introvert! For those who know me this is old news but for everyone else, I bet it is new information… Yes, I am introvert and being an introvert rocks – really, it does.

Being An Introvert Rocks!

Okay, in the sense of full disclosure, according to Myers-Briggs, I am an INFJ with E tendencies. That means that I am predominately introverted but can flex when I need to (or when I want to) and be more extroverted.

In most social settings, I am extremely introverted but once I start talking to someone or they start talking to me I can become quite extroverted, engaged, and talkative… probably too talkative… the same applies to larger groups of people… I am quiet until I feel it is safe to speak or engage and then I am “on.”

However, being an I instead of an E can cause some challenges… doing things such as sales, or public speaking can be terrifying. Public speaking is easy because I have trained myself to do it and I know I need about two minutes to warm up into a presentation and after that, it is all good… Sales… I can’t make a cold-call to save my life! (And this is why I rely mostly on inbound-marketing to build my business.)

But being an introvert rocks and I am happy about it… I guess I have always been this way as I have always been more happy and comfortable inside of my own head. Or as someone once told me, “You have a very rich internal life.”

Being an introvert rocks because I am quite content just being a party of one most of the time. I don’t need anyone else to go with me or hold my hand to go anywhere. I can’t tell you how many movies or dinners I had alone when I was single not because I had to but because I WANTED to. Travel to a foreign country alone… easy… Spend weeks alone in the woods camping… simple.

As an introvert, I believe it helps my relationships and friendships with people. Sure, I have a good number of what I would call acquaintances… But true friends, those whom I really allow to get close… those who get to “see behind the curtain” well, they really get to see it all. There are not too many but the ones there are super important in my life.

And being an introvert rocks because it keeps me from getting swept up in a lot of drama and BS in the world. As in introvert, I am prone to study a situation and weigh the options quietly before committing to an action or becoming involved. But this has a downside and has frustrated my partner Melissa a lot, at least in the beginning of our relationship, before she realized that I wasn’t lazy or just procrastinating but instead, I was studying things and planning before doing.

Introverts daydream more than extroverts do and I am no exception to that rule… I daydream and come up with sorts of ideas and theories all of the time.. I believe if I were not such an introvert… coming up with all of the ideas for this Blog would have never been as easy as it has been.

And the number one reason for me that being an introvert rocks is that I often appear to be a mystery to most people. I have been accused in the past of being an undercover cop… a spy… you name it, just because nobody can pin-point exactly what it is about me or why I am even there. Being an introvert has allowed me to master what Don Juan taught Carlos Casteneda about “not being accessible.”

The sad thing I think is that most introverts suffer the fact that they are introverts and force themselves to fit into a world that they don’t necessarily need to fit into… Once you accept the fact that being an introvert rocks and can use that to your advantage in all things, it will greatly increase your sense of personal power not to mention your overall happiness.

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Photo By Andy Wooten 14 August 2004 (By myself in the Weminuche Wilderness)

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