Being Positive Is A Choice

I always say that being happy is a choice and I still believe it is. Find something, anything happy to focus on and start from there. In the same vein, being positive is a choice as well.

You can choose your attitude, and the attitude that you choose impacts everything in your life, how you experience everything that happens in your life, and it even affects everyone around you. Unless you choose a really nasty and negative attitude and then there probably won’t be too many folks around you to impact to worry about.

Just like being happy, a positive attitude takes practice. You have to train your mind to see the good in everything and in every situation. After all, the degree of happiness that you experience completely depends on the quality of your thoughts, your feelings, and your attitude. When you choose to have a better attitude then guess what? Yes, you are going to be happier.

Does being positive mean that you just ignore the negative as if it doesn’t exist? No. Being more positive means that you choose to overcome the negative, which is completely different.

You can’t control the things that “happen” in life, you can only control your response to it. It is how you choose to respond that determines your personal power in the situation. When you choose negativity or wonder why things always happen to you or if you look at anything from the standpoint of being the victim, you throw away all of your choices, your power, and your options to move beyond or ahead of it all. It is how you respond or not which gives you your power to overcome.

I have had my running blog for over six years now. It is where I write strictly about running stuff. I don’t write there too much anymore but there is a lesson that I learned in writing that blog that I practice everyday.

Being positive is a choice and it was a choice that I had to make about three and half years ago about the direction of that blog and in my own personal writing style. I used to write in it a rather unfiltered fashion. If training sucked, I said that training sucked, if a race sucked, a said it too. I never felt like I was being “negative” but more like brutally honest and clear. A good friend of mine saw it differently and even called me out on that.

My first reaction was to be defensive and be defensive I was to the point that I was going to quit writing in that blog altogether. My thought was if people see the truth as negative, then fine… I just won’t write in it anymore.

But I gave it some thought and decided to do things differently and write all of my articles with a positive spin, keep out the negative parts of stories, and accentuate the positive. It took some effort and some work to edit myself in that way, but in the end, I think those articles in that blog are received differently now and to be honest, even I prefer the more positive style of writing. It was a good change to make, as it was, in a way, the beginnings of this blog.

Being positive is a choice and this life is too short and too precious to spend it walking around with a negative attitude all of the time. Drop it. Choose to be positive and choose to be your best!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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