The Benefits Of Meditation

I fully believe in the benefits of meditation. If you are someone who is able to quiet your mind through using mediation my hat is off to you. It is not a practice that I engage in regularly or do enough of myself.

There was a time when I meditated on a regular basis and it made a huge difference for me. I had the most simple method of doing it and it is not complicated at all. I would sit on my bed, not lay down, and close my eyes. I would concentrate first on my breathing and only on that. Then when I wanted to move more deeply into a meditative state, I would imagine in my minds eye watching a mouse hole in the side of a wall and just focus on that. Thoughts would come and go, and as they would I would let them go, but all the while, I would maintain focus on that mouse hole just waiting for the mouse to appear.

In my defense, I do not meditate intentionally on a regular schedule mostly due to my running. I run so much that my running is my meditation in motion. When you are out there for hours at a time, thoughts come and go, the mind runs its course, but you never focus on one single thought or problem, as you are focused mostly on just putting one foot in front of the other.

Regardless if you practice meditation in the traditional sense, or do it during an activity like I do, it is a very important thing to incorporate into your life.

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. When the mind is silent, concentration is increased and you can experience inner peace in the midst of a world full of turmoil. It is that feeling of inner peace that attracts so many people to the practice of meditation. Everyone benefits from having as sense of inner peace, everyone. It silences your monkey mind!

When you meditate, the little things in life bother you a lot less. It is the nature of the mind to magnify small things into serious problems. Meditation helps you to detach. You learn to live in the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or the future. Since you do not worry about meaningless things, you are able to see more of the big picture.

Since meditation can reduce levels of stress and relieve anxiety; it has been proven to also lead to better overall health. Anytime stress is reduced, better health is sure to follow.

The last major benefit of mediation is that it leads you to more knowledge of yourself. Through meditation, you can gain a better understanding of your life’s purpose.

If you never have tried meditation, try it. If you need help starting, I am always happy to give assistance though guided mediations if needed. It is one of the easiest things that you can do to relieve stress, and the benefits of meditation far exceed the hassles of finding the time to learn it, or the time to practice it.

Do you meditate on regular basis? Does it help you with dealing with life’s stresses?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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