Blogging By The Pool (This Is Important)

blogging by the poolToday I am intentionally writing this article – Blogging By The Pool – because I am in fact sitting by a pool! It might seem strange to report on this but there is a reason for it and it is a very important one.

One thing that I have always believed in is that anything is possible for the most part but many times before you do the thing, you have to have some sort of evidence that you actually can or proof that your idea will work. I call this proof of concept.

Being an entrepreneur and having my own business is often a challenge but one of the greatest benefits is the flexibility that if affords me. And this trip that I am currently on which has me sitting by a pool in Palm Springs this morning and blogging by the pool is for me, part of that whole “proof of concept” as to how flexible my business of being a life coach and helping people actually is.

It’s “proof of concept” that what I have been working on for all these years ACTUALLY works! And more than that, that I have actually achieved some set goals along they way and there has truly been forward movement!

To be honest, I didn’t plan to do this today. The idea came to me during my first client session this morning. We were discussing confidence, and I had shared that when I decided to take my life in a new direction a few years ago that I had to have unwavering confidence and faith in myself, not only then but all along my journey as well. But of course, back then I did not have the confidence that I have now… it had to grow over time… just as my clients build their confidence, one win at a time themselves.

Did I knock it out of the park from the start? No, of course not but over time, there have been a string of successes that have eventually landed me to where I am now. Each small success increases my confidence, as does each small success after that… Or… as I like to call it, my success confidence feedback loop.

So today I am blogging by a pool in Southern California and although I am not where I am on every other normal day, it is still business as usual. Proof of concept that for me, my life and business is truly portable and that I can “do what I do” from just about anywhere I might want to. It’s a success of sorts that feeds my confidence and tells me to keep on keeping on with what I am doing and my direction in life.

Often what I write about isn’t exactly what I am writing about and this is one of those cases. Yes it’s important to me to be blogging by a pool instead of my desk at home but it is more about increasing confidence and proving to myself that I can do it… that I can do whatever it is that I sent my mind to do.

Many people say they have to see it to believe it… I like say you have to believe it to see it… I always believed that a day like this would come and so it has. I have proven I can do it so now I am free to “see” and “believe” whatever is next, whatever my next benchmark of success might me.

One thing I can promise you though… there will definitely be more blogging by the pool – at least for the next few days! 🙂

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 14 March 2016

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