Brilliant Things Clients Say

brilliant things clients sayOne of the greatest things about being a life coach and working with clients is that sometimes I get to hear the brilliant things clients say during a session; the little things like their own mantras or perspectives on life.

It is especially rewarding and a treat for me when I get to hear something altogether new that I have never heard before and the great thing about these little gems is that I can take them on and use them in my own life… I get to learn from my clients as well!

So here are the top three brilliant things clients say – or have said in the past few months:

Brilliant Things Clients Say

  1. “If you look after the pennies, the pounds take care of themselves.” – One of my clients was in the process of buying a business and because of that was having to watch every little purchase that he made. When he started to save more and more money and he was celebrating that fact he told me about it and that is when he shared this saying with me. I have since adopted it as my own and try to apply this principle whenever I am about to spend money myself.
  2. “I have never regretted getting a good night’s sleep.” – Another client of mine is making many large changes in his life on all fronts and one of his “challenges” as well as his goal is to adopt more healthy habits which includes making sure that he gets enough sleep every night. As for myself, my sleeping habits are rather dialed in but when I am tempted to stay up late watching a movie or reading too late, I remember my client saying this and usually end up shutting down for the night.
  3. “It is not like I am climbing Everest!” – One of my clients is planning a trip to climb Everest in 2017 but before then she is working very hard on advancing her career up to and including moving to a different city (and possibly even a different country) to further her career. Whenever my client is faced with a challenging situation or task in her day that she has to tackle, she now takes it head on all the while telling herself, “it’s not like I am climbing Everest!” Personally, I can’t fathom the physical and mental demands of climbing Everest myself but reflecting on her quote definitely puts anything that I am doing into perspective when I need it.

It’s one of the greatest rewards in life, getting to work with and help people and it is always a welcome bonus when I get to learn something myself during the process. I’ve heard many other awesome expressions from clients over the years but these are the three that stick out the most for me. As a life coach, it is my job primarily to listen, and if I listen carefully, the brilliant things that clients say always amazes me.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten  11 August 2007

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