Letting Go Versus Holding On

letting go versus holding on

During my break of not writing in January, just because I was not writing, it did not mean that I was not thinking of things to write about. One day while working on my torn hamstring, I contemplated the virtues of letting go versus holding on.

Your Strengths and Limitations

your strengths and limitations

What are your strengths and limitations and which do you focus on? We all have our own set of strengths and limitations. There are the things that we do well, almost effortlessly, and then there are things that we do not do as well which often presents challenges if not outright struggle.

Victim Or Participant – You Can’t Be Both

victim or participant

Too often, I hear and read stories about how people are victimized by others but are they really? Victim or participant – you cannot be both and I will explain why.

Think Happy Thoughts

think happy thoughts

Okay, here is a test. If you think happy thoughts, how do you think you will feel? If you think of unhappy thoughts or worse, then how do you think that will make you feel?

What Makes Strong People “Different?”

stong people

What makes strong people different from others who are whiners, complainers, and persistent victims of situations that are usually of their own making? Are strong people just born that way; or is there something else that sets them apart?

American Beauty And My Life

american beauty

When the movie American Beauty came out in 1999, it was instantly my favorite movie of all time and Lester Burnham was my hero and a man above all other men in by book. However, to be honest, this really was not a good thing and I will tell you why…

Getting Back On Point

getting back on point

If you are regular reader of the Tri-Peaks Life Coaching Blog, you have no doubt noticed the lack of any new material these past three weeks. Life forced me to make some trade offs and put me into survival mode but now I am back and focused on getting back on point with everything.

Don’t Buy Into Your Own BS

don't buy into your own bs

Don’t buy into your own BS – this was the thought that I had today as I was driving on an errand. Yes, that specific thought at that moment was aimed at me, in that moment, and once I listened and heeded to that voice, I had a cool insight.

Acknowledge Your Personal Strength

personal strength

Personal strength… we all have it though few of us may truly realize it, including yours truly. When I speak of personal strength, I am not referring to how much you can squat or bench press, but rather the strength and endurance that you have to handle (and master) whatever life may throw at you.

Just Say No This Holiday Season

just say no this holiday season

An overhead conversation from the other day, “If I have to go to one more holiday party I am going to kill someone.” A rather funny statement if you think about it considering it is ONLY December 12. Just say no this holiday season – after all it IS your prerogative.