Detachment, Release, & Change


Nothing in this life is permanent, not even life itself.  All things, be it people, situations, money or possessions, are constantly and frequently flowing in and out of our lives.  The only constant in life is change.  Every situation and every moment in life is transitory to what is next.

We often spend a great deal of energy resisting this flow in life.  The tendency is to hold dearly onto anything that we perceive as good and fight like crazy to not let it go, ever.  More than that, we may hold onto these things or attempt too hold on long after we may know deep down that it is time to let go.  The little voice may whisper it is time to change or time leave, yet our attachment, fear of detaching and releasing for whatever reason, may hold us back.

Sometimes good things come into our lives and leave, and they must leave in order to allow greater things to come at another time.

How often do we try to hold onto negative things because we are afraid of letting go?  How much damage do we do to ourselves and others by refusing to let go at times?  How long do we stay in jobs that are no longer fulfilling because we are afraid of losing the paycheck?  How about relationships that have truly long past expired?

Everything is temporary; everything is in passing.  If we attempt to hold onto anything the flow of gravity or the universe which is naturally occurring only causes it to be more difficult to hold onto and or require more energy to hold onto or maintain a grasp.

Loss of attachment simply gives us the power to fully allow.  Loss of attachment equals freedom.  That freedom is necessary to be open to new things in life.  It is as if one were traversing the monkey bars in the playground.  You can not hold on tight and expect to move anywhere.  You must let go and reach for the next rung with an open hand.  Let go, reach, grasp, and move forward, and repeat until you are on the other side.

The less attached we are to one thing; the more space is available for everything else.  If we are attached to nothing then we are available then to everything.  Everything we want does come into our lives good or bad.  These things may be fleeting but they do come.

If something comes to you simply enjoy it, appreciate it, and have joy in it.  Do not live in fear for its leaving.  When the time comes, release it with love, knowing that it was time to let go.

We tend to be sad and focus on the loss but instead we should be joyful and grateful for what we had and be open to what is to come next without expectations or attachment.  Letting go can be challenging but it is necessary in life.  Allow and welcome change and newness in life by letting go of the past and the things which no longer serve you.  You will be amazed at what happens next.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

photo credit: Nanagyei via photopin cc

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