Check Your Goals

If you are reading this you are likely someone who is familiar with the practice of goal setting. If not, this is a good primer, Five Quick Tips About Goals, to get you on the right track. Whichever camp you may fall into, it is always important to check your goals on a periodic basis.

When you start on a mission of change or personal growth, you more than likely have a set of goals that you wish to accomplish or achieve along the way. But sometimes we get caught up in the excitement from being focused on the end results that we forget to actually think our goals through in thorough manner.

Maybe you have hit a roadblock or maybe your goals have gone stale? After all, sometimes we outgrow our goals or they just don’t fit in with how life has developed. We change and our dreams and out goals change as well.

If you find yourself at such a juncture, maybe it is time to check your goals. Take a few moments to ask yourself:

  1. Are my goals practical? – A practical goal is typically one that has sustainable rewards once achieved. Are you dieting and exercising because you want to live a longer and healthy life, or are you just doing it because your high school reunion is coming up? Is your goal practical enough that once achieved it will possibly open other doors for you, leading you to set other goals and making their fulfillment likely?
  2. Are my goals realistic? – As a coach, I never want any of my clients or anyone for that matter to ever limit themselves when it comes to their goals and what they aspire to accomplish in life. But at the same time you have to be realistic. Be honest with yourself enough to be able to tell the difference between large dreams and goals, and what could just be considered “wishful thinking.”
  3. Will my goals change? – You never know because it is hard to foresee what your personal priorities may be one, two, five, or ten years from now. As I stated before, we change and our goals change, and that is okay. The important thing to know is if your goal is actionable enough and achievable enough in a timely manner to complete it. As an example… if graduating medical school is your goal, you might want to make certain that you can maintain the focus and determination required to stay on that path for its entire duration.

The general rule is to set your goals at least once a year, review and revise them twice a year, and if you can do it monthly, then all the better. Check to see if you are still on the right track, if your goals are still applicable and relevant to your life, and if they are not then be willing to adjust as needed.

Take some time today and check your goals to see if where you are is exactly where you want to be and if it is still inline with where you want to go.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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