Confidence Or Results, Which Comes First?

Confidence is one of those rare commodities that successful people seem to have a lot of but then there are people who have very low self-confidence who struggle to get anywhere in life. When I think about how to get more confidence and better results, I asked myself, “Which comes first?”

Do you need confidence to get results? Or do you feel good about yourself because things have gone well for you? But what if you lack both, where do you start?

As I look at my own past, I can recall times when my confidence enabled me to achieve goals and times when my confidence was built by results that I created.

My confidence has enabled me to perform well in running, speak with a strong presence in front of of people, and build rapport with clients. Every time I’ve done well in any of these situations, my belief in myself has increased.

So what’s the answer? Some will claim one or the other, but I suspect that both are true and they are interrelated. That’s all well and good but what if you lack confidence and struggle to get the results that you want from life?

Here are a couple of tips.

Fake it until you make it – I love this saying as it describes the process of building self-confidence.  By modelling the body language of confident people, you can generate enough positive thoughts about yourself to get started.

When you feel low in confidence and have a big moment coming up, don’t sit there with your shoulders slumped, head down and arms crossed.  Instead, lift your head, put your shoulders back, breathe deeply and perhaps even smile.  If it helps, try to recall a time when you were on your game and let that memory build your confidence so that you can get out there and perform at an outstanding level.

Build momentum slowly – If you’re looking for great outcomes in life but don’t have the wherewithal to go after them yet, start small. You may have 10 sales per day as a goal and feel demoralized when you don’t reach it, so aim for one or two. Set yourself small, achievable goals that you can build from.  As you reach each target, celebrate your achievement and aim a little higher.  And as you see your results improve, you’ll notice that your confidence is rising as well.

Confidence and results, they work hand in hand.

If you have one, you’ll generally get the other and if you’re missing one, the other will be hiding as well.

So don’t worry about what comes first and wish that it would magically appear, take action, get one and the other will follow.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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