Confident People – What They Do

confident peopleA by-product of personal power is confidence or maybe the two just go hand in hand. There are things that confident people do that those lacking confidence do not do, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Highly confident people believe and have faith in their ability to achieve. If you do not believe in yourself or have faith in yourself, why should anyone else put his or her faith in you?

Confidence is important and I remember a time many years ago when I didn’t have any at all. It wasn’t fun. Fortunately, I was visiting a dear friend who had confidence in spades and by studying how he carried himself with confidence, although it didn’t boost mine too much at that moment, it definitely gave me a target to shoot for in the future; a target and a goal that I eventually did reach.

I am forever indebted to him for modeling that behavior for me as I remember the specific day when I was walking alone and I felt everything that I witnessed in him a couple years earlier myself. It was a day that I knew once again that I, myself, was confident too.

Confident People – What They Do

Confident people – what they do and how they do it – is different from those who lack confidence. But it goes beyond just a purposeful walk and a head held high; it is a collection of learned, practiced, and executed behaviors that confident people do every day that truly sets them apart.

  • Confident people are responsible, always. – Confident people do not make excuses, ever, and are always responsible for their own thoughts, actions, and subsequent results. If a confident person is late, they will not blame all the red lights or accidents for being late, they are just late.
  • Confident people take on the scary things in life. – Confident people are not afraid to take on any challenge that scares them. They do not allow fear to control their lives but rather instead, they recognize that the step that scares them the most is probably the step they need to take – and then they take that step.
  • Confident people thrive outside their comfort zones. – For someone with confidence the thought of wasting his or her time or life always being comfortable or being safe pretty much equals death. They avoid comfort zones because they know that is where dreams die. Instead, they actively pursue a feeling of discomfort while knowing that pushing themselves is required for success and growth.
  • Confident people act without hesitation or procrastination. – Confident people do not hesitate or procrastinate because they know there is never the “right time” or the “right circumstance.” They commit to their actions, especially the bigger and scarier ones because they know that the only time to act or to begin something is now.
  • Confident people know their truth. – Those with a high sense of confidence do not allow the thoughts and opinions of others, especially the more negative ones, to have any impact on their life. They know their truth and are “okay” with that to such a high degree that nothing will lessen their view of themselves or diminish their confidence and drive.
  • Confident people are happy. – With an unwavering sense of self-worth and confidence, a confident person more often than not is happy as they know their confidence is not derived from external sources and neither is their happiness. Confident people know that his or her happiness is his or her own responsibility (see the first bullet above) and will take the steps necessary to be happy and not blame their lack of happiness on anyone or anything else.

While some are just born with an overabundance of confidence many are not. But the more I work with people, coaching them and teaching them, the more I realize that things such as confidence, happiness, being motivated, etc, are all learned behaviors that anyone can master given enough practice and time.

So if you are one who lacks confidence… don’t despair. Confidence is available to you and it is accessible. And hopefully these tips above will provide a path to help you gain or regain your own confidence.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 19 June 2010

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