The Cycle Of Destruction And Creation

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” – Pablo Picasso

Creation is always found alongside destruction. Cycle after cycle, the two are inevitably woven together. Most people know of the mythical and beautiful bird that had a lifespan of 500 years, the “Phoenix.” When the bird came to the end of its lifetime it would build a funeral pyre for itself and set itself and the pyre ablaze. Afterwards it would rise form its own ashes, resplendent once more.

This story shared by both the Greeks and the Egyptians, taught the cycles of creation and destruction – that birth follows death, which follows birth, and so on. The Phoenix is a great metaphor though which we can grasp the process of change that gives birth to new growth, even your own personal growth.

On the surface, fire seems cruel. It destroys everything in its path and does not discriminate. Nevertheless, in its power there is also a paradox – it precedes a new cycle of creation. It prepares and renders the ground (you) ready for new growth.

What kinds of fires in your life can borne such a cycle? Death, divorce, unexpected loss of a job, or maybe even a health crisis of some sort can be the fire that precedes creation in your own life.

Sometimes that fire is self-created. One of my favorite lines in regards to destruction and creation comes from the book Depression is a Choice by A.B. Curtis. “It is a shocking thing to say but it may be that the first step to human excellence is first, you much ruin your life.” Just like the Phoenix, sometimes we set ourselves ablaze.

It is what you decide to do after you set yourself to flame or are consumed by some other inferno that will dictate your destiny. It is always your choice and within your power to rise from the ashes or not.

Once the fires are out and behind you, take your time dusting off the ashes. You will need to become oriented once again as you begin to reinvent yourself. You are no longer what you were before and the old rules, beliefs, and ways of doing life, no longer apply. Just like the upside to burning some bridges in life… it prevents you from ever going back.

A fire-like event may be just what you need in your life to press the great reset-button and allow for a new start. Regardless if the fire was set by external circumstances or of your own doing, it is important to see how that destruction may spawn a complete rebirth of life, opportunities, and possibilities that otherwise may have not existed before. In the wake of destruction, welcome the forthcoming creation to follow, become the Phoenix and rise above whatever happens.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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