Disappointment Sucks… Deal With it!

Disappointment Sucks… Deal With itDisappointment sucks… Deal with it! Okay… of course I would not really say that so much as a closed end statement, so how about this… Disappointment sucks… Deal with it… and this is how…

Disappointment Sucks… Deal With it!

Disappointment… did you know that disappointment is one of the actual true feelings that drives the secondary emotion that we call anger? So the next time you are “angry” over something, maybe take a moment to check in with yourself to see if maybe disappointment is what you are REALLY feeling behind it all…. (also look for fear, hurt, etc, which are other primary emotions that fuels disappointment.)

We all end up disappointed at one time or the other as this is life and things just don’t always turn out (rarely if ever) exactly as planned. Disappointment happens when “what we get” or “what we expected to get” does not line up with our original expectations. We can be disappointed in things… events, people, and quite often, even ourselves.

Disappointment sucks… deal with it, and the first way to handle disappointment is probably to actually just allow yourself to feel it. Sure, go for it… a “little moping” is allowed… If you are going to feel crappy about it then allow yourself to feel just that then be ready to move on… A little wallowing is fine… staying there is not.

So things did not turn out… what did you learn? What can you do differently the next time? Disappointment, being there, is a great place to “start over” from and to develop a new game plan in order to come up with different results the next time. Respond rather than react to whatever is driving your disappointment in the moment. Take a few beats to leverage what you learned into a more productive course of action.

Finally… especially if you are disappointed in yourself for something you did do or didn’t do, it doesn’t matter… don’t let it get you down and especially do not get down on yourself. Take a step back and remind yourself that you are worth it – you are amazing, you are a talented, and you are an awesome person, no matter what has happened.

There you have it… Disappointment sucks… Deal with it… and the ways too manage it… One last note… it seems easy to avoid disappointment by setting your sights low, or your expectations to be low, but I argue against that… I’d rather aim for the highest peak and come up short that to climb some mole-hill any day…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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