Does It Look Like An Opportunity?

You are going though life, doing your thing, and following your path when something new and unexpected shows up. Is it an opportunity?

If it looks like an opportunity, if it feels like an opportunity, if you suspect in any way or in any shape that it’s an opportunity, then it is an opportunity.

I have been working for a very long time on building my coaching business. Consistent effort goes into it everyday, even on weekends and holidays. I constantly hold the faith that I am making progress. The times I have doubt, I comfort myself by telling myself, “okay… this might not be going where I want or as fast as I want but it is going somewhere.” That alone still makes everything exciting and keeps me going.

Everyday I have three goals that I need to fulfill to make that day count for me.

  1. Write something that will help someone.
  2. Help someone either one-one-one or hopefully through something that I wrote.
  3. Get a good run in.

Seriously, that is my mode every day and my model for success. Every day I want to make a positive impact in this world for someone, anyone, be it someone close to me or maybe even someone that I have never met and probably never will. That is my goal, my mission… to help people. Period.

Now I find myself presented with an opportunity that even in my wildest dreams I could have never even dreamed up. An opportunity where I can take everything that I have ever done or learned in my entire adult life, roll it all up into a job description and that is what it is.

It is an opportunity to help people in a scope and scale that keeps me awake at night because I am so excited.

So what am I going to do?

I am not going to let it go, and I will not hesitate. There is no concern for risk nor am I making excuses to talk myself out of this.

I am going to grab this chance with both hands and run with it as something like this maybe happens only once in lifetime. And I won’t allow fear to stop me.

This is an opportunity and I am going to take it. It might not change the world but it can help a lot more people than I am now.

Here is the kicker… I wasn’t looking for this, not in the slightest. But if I hadn’t taken all of the risks of the past two years, I would not even be here for it, and for me that is affirmation and confirmation enough that I am on the right track.

When opportunities arise in your life, grab them! Sometimes they are surprises like this one is for me, but if it still resonates with your core values and your mission in life, be flexible enough to alter your path.

You might be surprised where you end up…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


  1. A-flippin’-men Doc Wooten. So glad to hear this coming up for you, you grabbin’ it and can’t wait to see where this ride leads you. Awesome.

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