Don’t Get Too Comfortable

hammockEveryone likes to be comfortable and operate mostly from within their comfort zone. Isn’t it nice to sit back, put your feet up, and coast a bit after reaching a large goal or milestone in life? But being comfortable can be a killer. Getting too comfortable means that you think you have accomplished all that you believe is necessary and have no further interest in pursuing goals of self-improvement in your health, career, mind and overall life.

Getting comfortable can be a scary place to be too. When I was 25, I had realized that I had achieved every goal that I had set for myself when I was 18 and leaving home. Some things were different than I originally intended but all the boxes were checked. Without new goals I had become comfortable but at the same time dissatisfied and always asking myself, “what’s next?” It led to quite the crisis for me which lasted several months before I was able to get things back on track and start moving forward in my life again. I had to get uncomfortable with where I was and dissatisfied to get going and motivated again.

Getting motivated is hard enough for anyone, and STAYING motivated is even a bigger challenge. Staying motivated is one of the hardest things to do in life but it pays off down the line. Being comfortable only makes it harder because it hinders your passion and drive.  It’s those who embrace the uncomfortable who do something meaningful with their lives. When we’re too comfortable, we’re less likely to take the necessary risks to make improvements to our own lives and the world around us.

If we are too comfortable then we are just not as “hungry” as we need to be to get the big things done. If you are trying to start a business but have plenty of time and money chances are you are not going to be as driven as the person who is flat broke and doing everything possible every day to build a business.  You can see how the difference between comfortable and uncomfortable will drive different results.

Don’t get caught up in the curse of comfort. Being comfortable for a time is fun and all, but to stay there is to be dreaming small, and for those who have nothing left to work towards.  If you have goals you want to accomplish, the very last thing you want to do is lie down and take a nap.

Being successful is supposed to be hard, it is not supposed to comfortable all of the time.  If you’re comfortable with where you are in life, that’s all well and good, but you might consider changing something. Growth only happens when things get hard and if things have gotten too easy for you, you might need to change.

Don’t get too comfortable.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

photo credit: Florin Gorgan via photopin cc


  1. Laura Fehmi says:

    I am impressed with your ideas and your writing! Getting ready to start a new counseling job but copy and pasted them to my hard drive in order to spend some real time reading and absorbing. Just wanting to leave this compliment!

    • Thank you Laura. I hope my writings help! Congratulations are starting your new job. What kinds of clients will you be working with?


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