Don’t Give Up – Look Up

Your desired results have not materialized. You are at that tipping point balanced between wanting to give up or keep pushing on. What do you do?

It is really an uncomfortable place to be. You have worked with focus, you are consistent in your efforts, and you have truly been doing your best but the results you anticipated and hoped for are just not happening.

You are at the point where you have to urge yourself constantly to “stick with it” for just one more day. You want to give up and quit – even if it goes against everything that you believe in. You are tired, discouraged, and without any results, informative feedback, support, or anything positive to reinforce your efforts you can feel yourself running out of steam and motivation. The worst part is when you can feel yourself beginning to no longer care. That is when it becomes the scariest.

Sometimes resignation is the most noble course of action but I only advocate that if you can truly and honestly assure yourself that you gave everything 100% and that you are completely and without a doubt out of options.

But do you really want to do that?

Don’t give up… look up! Keep your eyes raised and on your goal. To make things easier or to seem more manageable, cut your goal in half and focus on that micro-goal. Give yourself a timetable to pursue that goal and resolve to reevaluate your progress at that new time.

Cutting your expected results in half and then setting a new and shorter time-frame to achieve and then review those results before making the decision to stop or continue can do a lot to reduce your stress and anxiety. It forces you to look at a smaller picture instead of the larger one and you will not be so overwhelmed.

I set a goal for myself last fall that I would have X number of new coaching clients by April. When I focused completely on the April date and the overall number of clients, my goal began to feel unattainable and even impossible. With each passing day and month, if I didn’t get the number of clients I had planned it seemed that I was falling further and further behind, if not going backwards. Talk about wanting to give up!

I decided to look at things differently. Instead of that one big number and that firm date a few months out, I chose to look at it week by week. Focus on a smaller number of new clients each week and forget about the larger goal altogether. I also gave myself an out of sorts… If didn’t have a certain number in two months, then I could stop, take inventory of the situation and then at that time if I chose to give up, I could.

But I didn’t…

By reducing both the scale of my goal and the period in which to achieve it, made it a more manageable chunk to deal with. Giving myself the option to reexamine things and quit, actually served to keep me motivated. It motivated me because I knew that each day I had to keep pressing on but there was also a termination point in the future that I was at peace with if I had to take it. It kept me motivated because the agreement with myself demanded that at least for the near future, giving up was not an option.

I didn’t give up, instead, I reworked the goals and kept looking up. And you can too if you need to.

Make you goals smaller if you have to. Take it day by day and remember that results rarely come overnight. Change does not happen instantly in most cases. The most important thing is to keep working towards your goals. Look Up! Don’t give up!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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