Don’t Settle With Just Being Inspired!

How many inspiring people do you know firsthand? How many friends, associates, or coworkers do you look at daily for inspiration? How many books, recordings, and lists of quotes do you take in to be inspired? What are you doing in return? Are you making an effort to blaze your own path while showing others the way at the same time?

We live in a world where it’s easy to be inspired by the actions and words of others. But don’t settle with just being inspired, BE INSPIRING yourself!

After spending the majority of my life “playing the game,” working, earning, striving to move up the ladder, all of that mostly in an effort to buy and consume more… well that just isn’t me anymore. This second life that I am living is all about making an impact now. My goal is to have this part of my life actually mean something and I hope that I can leave this world somehow better because of it. Am I inspiring to others? I don’t know but I surely hope so.

I will never be the quarterback who throws the game saving pass in the last second of a championship game. Though I am self-employed, I don’t see myself as an entrepreneur with a major life-changing idea or product to save or enable the masses or billions of people… And I seriously doubt I will ever be considered a social leader who brings forth a new wave of consciousness around the world… But I still hope to be inspiring in my own way by living a life without fear, by taking risks, and by setting one little example of authentic living at a time.

I’ve never considered myself gifted or extraordinarily talented at one thing or the other but I have never let that stop me either. In most of my life’s challenging endeavors, I have always viewed myself as a bumblebee. A bumblebee is not supposed to be able to fly given the laws of aeronautics and physics, yet it does. The bumblebee doesn’t care or know anything about what it supposedly “can’t do” it just does it… it flies. Many of the things that I have accomplished in life, and still plan to do are bumblebee-like in nature… sure I probably shouldn’t be able to do all that I have done, but it never stopped me. And it is that mindset that I follow which I hope will be inspiring to others… “If he can do it… why can’t I?”

You are probably “normal” just like me and you have an infinite capacity to be inspiring to others as well, maybe even more so. It’s inspirational to watch other people or to listen to their wise words, but don’t settle with just being inspired, step up and be inspiring yourself.

Get off the bench and get into the game. Be exceptional in everything that you do and inspire others. Lead by example, be willing to go for what you want in life while making mistakes that others will witness, and then show them how it is done by getting back on your feet and trying again until you succeed.

I can guarantee that you have more people watching you than you realize. They are watching and waiting to see what you do and how you do it. The little things that you do today which you might not consider may just have a huge inspirational impact for others. Be a leader, be courageous, be inspiring… and if nothing else… be a bumblebee!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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