Election Fatigue

election fatigueAll of my clients are over it. All of my friends are over it and even I am over this whole 2016 presidential election race. Election fatigue set in for me weeks ago and I just cannot wait for it to be over.

Election Fatigue

Election fatigue really set in for me about a month ago. You see, I had more or less gone around thinking that if we just made it to November 9, then everything would get back to normal and maybe even get a little better.

However, a few weeks ago I got the nasty feeling that even though the election might be over and a victor decided, all of the ugliness that we have seen, read, heard, will still probably not go away.

Even an article on BBC, which is the only news outlet I read anymore since it seems to have minimal bias says, “This bitter battle won’t end on election day.” Well, for my sake, and for all of our sakes as a nation… I do hope they are wrong.

Regardless of which candidate you may support or even who wins, the damage to the collective psyche of this nation borders on irreversible. A new word that I learned last week was “hyperpartisan,” and hyperpartisans exist on either side of the equation, both Trump and Clinton supporters.

There is no middle ground any more… we have become a nation of extremists who are divided between a bad option and another equally bad option with a crevasse as deep and as wide as any ocean dividing the two sides.

The election fatigue that I mentioned… what is it? For me it is a new found sense of apathy and despair, if you can feel both emotions as the same time, over the entire election process. All of the yuck from the past months leading up to tomorrow has slimed the entire country and has brought us to the lowest and most base of behaviors as citizens.

And if you are not actively a rabid supporter of either side then you are probably just as depressed and saddened as I am that as a nation of so many millions of people that these two candidates are the best that we can come up with.

I asked a good friend of mine the other day who is intelligent, insightful, and an all around reasonable human being, what he thought of the election, and his answer I am sure is the same as many others if you asked them… “We are ALL fucked no matter what happens.”

I am sure he is not alone in that sentiment and it makes me sad to think that as a nation and as a society that that “mindset” is so prevalent and that lack of hope or optimism that we all need to have has been crushed to the point that it is impossible to see or even imagine a brighter future for America.

As an American, as a veteran, and as a human being, I can say that in all of my 48 years I have never been more fearful or sad for our country as I am right now. That is just another example of the election fatigue as I am experiencing it.

As a voter, I truly feel as if my hands are tied. If I support one candidate it means this and if I support the other it means that I am that… And in the end to be honest I handed in my ballot last week with a vote cast for neither of the candidates listed for the office of POTUS.

I realized that there was absolutely no way under heaven that I could vote one way or the other and still feel good about myself or feel clean if I had voted either way. So I didn’t.

To vote for a lesser evil is still to vote for evil and that is the situation as I saw it and I voted my conscience the best way I knew how.

This country needs a leader that not only inspires but to also unifies this country, and dare I say heal the rifts that have been created the past decade or so and until such a candidate exists, nobody will get my vote. I am tired of voting for the best of the least desirable options… I am tired of having to vote for one candidate as a vote against the other one… More of my election fatigue coming out there I guess.

Along with the rest of America, I am anxious and probably a little scared (or a lot scared) as we wait for the results of tomorrow’s balloting and the direction or road our country subsequently follows.

All of that being said, maybe it is truly up to “us” as individuals to drive change from the bottom up. Instead of living out and acting out the rhetoric of the parties and the positions, that we just start being decent and kind to one another instead of judging and finger pointing. We – each one of us must do our parts every day to “Make America Great Again.” Because I can tell you right now… ain’t nobody else going to do it for us.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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  1. Love wins. I need to keep repeating that.

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