How Do You End Up Being A Life Coach In Aspen?

Life Coach In AspenThis is a question that I get a lot, “How did you end up being a life coach in Aspen?” My first answer is always a joking, “I don’t know!” And I even have to ask myself from time to time about how I ended up living and being a life coach in Aspen of all places?

How Do You End Up Being A Life Coach In Aspen?

I can assure you that 20 years ago, this certainly was not on the radar or in the plans.

The real answer to that question spans over twelve years of history…

It was the summer of 2002 that I got “the bug” that I was no longer getting what I needed from a self-fulfillment standpoint working with computers in a large telecommunications company. For some strange reason becoming a “therapist” grabbed my attention. I even went as far as to look up what I needed to do to become one. “Career change, here I come!”

That was until I got on the State of Colorado Board and Licensing website and read the requirements to actually become a therapist or counselor. I read that I had to get a masters degree in counseling, take an exam and on top of that do many hours of supervised counseling before becoming certified. “Career change… never mind.”

In 2004 I went through a divorce and part of that process for me was figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I got some hints form the universe and in October of that year I began my coursework to get my Masters In Counseling degree.

I finished that in 2007 and went to work at St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado doing Emergency Room Psych Triage on a PRN or part time basis. I worked mostly nights and weekends. I did that for a while until I decided the commute to Pueblo was not doing me any good and then I resigned.

For the next five years I still worked in IT but for Verizon as Verizon had bought MCI. But through all of those years, the itch to help people and use my education and skills was still with me. I just was not sure how to implement it into my life.

In December of 2012, I decided enough was enough and I started Tri Peaks Consulting, which specialized in Life Coaching. Now I just call it Tri Peaks Life Coaching. Tri Peaks got the name because of three 13,000 foot peaks in close proximity in Taylor Park, Colorado that I love to visit.

I like the coaching model compared to the therapy model so in the fall of 2013, I registered with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, QSCA, to become a certified life coach. Also, at the time, my fiancée had taken a new job here in Aspen and was living here.

The plan then became this… I would voluntarily leave Verizon, build my life coaching business and move to Aspen as soon as possible. I moved to Aspen and I consider April 11, 2014 as my official move to Aspen date.

Since I have been living in Aspen, my number one focus and job is do nothing but be a life coach. I worked with the clients I had, I focused on finishing my certification with the QSCA which I completed on November 3rd, 2014, just 13 months after enrolling. And now I work on coaching and on building the coaching business, full time.

So now I live here, I am a full time certified life coach in Aspen and I could not be happier. On of the best things about being a life coach in Aspen is that when I moved here, it did not disrupt any work with any of my other clients who were and are spread all over the country. I can live in Aspen, be a life coach in Aspen and work with virtually anyone, anywhere.

Of course, this is the abbreviated version of the story and I left a lot of details out but this explains most of it. It does mystify me some when I think back to that day in 2002 when I decided in a way that this was the direction that I wanted for my life and look at where I am now, and doing what I do. But in a nutshell, that is the answer to the question…. “How do you end up being a life coach in Aspen???”

Watch this video of me on the Aspen Local’s Show!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen, Colorado

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