Even Life Coaches Get The Blues

even life coaches get the bluesThe past seven days have kicked my butt. It isn’t one thing in particular, more likely a combination of factors, events, stuff, and just life. Even with the successes of the past week, I am still “off” as even life coaches get the blues.

First, the wins for the week, I got one more new client and possibly another new client on top of that. That is always a good thing.

Secondly, I gave a two-hour presentation on Wednesday that I believe went rather well… I think… I have given plenty of presentation in my life, PLENTY, but when a local company asked me to give a TWO-HOUR presentation to their employees on their professional development day, I was blown away for a few reasons but mostly about the duration of the presentation.

Two hours… that’s a long time to fill in with words, to keep moving, and to try to keep your audience engaged and involved for the entire thing, or at least as much as you can. Let’s face it, I’m no Tony Robbins… but I do my best. Still… two hours? I got it done, and I believe I lost some of the audience at various times through various parts of the presentation but in the end, I believe that EVERYONE, judging from their reactions, walked away with something, some valuable nugget from it all. That is a win right there.

I prepared for this… trust me I prepared. I pulled all the data, information, etc, that I was to speak on and made a great outline for me to work by. I practiced… I ran through the entire presentation on my feet three times while recording it to listen to afterwards. When it came to presentation time, I was nervous to start with but soon warmed up and after that everything flowed rather well…

But the energy this took… wow! The energy to prepare, the energy practicing, the energy burned up by anxiousness and nerves, the energy burned DURING the presentation, and then afterwards. It took a lot of energy in other words but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

In the end, I had fun, I think it was a success and as I indicated, I believe I reached and affected everyone at one time or another with the information I shared. It certainly was a win, no doubt.

There have been other wins and successes for the week but still I have felt just flat, depleted, and really like the wind was knocked out of me to the degree that I feel as if I am back at square one in regards to everything in life and I mean everything…

Instead of writing during the first part of the week, I focused on preparing and practicing my presentation. After that, I gave myself a pass for a couple more days to regain my overall composure, or more accurately, get my energy back.

It’s Saturday, and I am STILL working on getting it all back together. Even life coaches get the blues or at least this one does!

But it wasn’t just the presentation that sapped me… doubt has replaced confidence, being stuck has replaced momentum, fear has overshadowed courage and optimism, and lastly, the big question of them all surfaced, “does what I do really make a difference?”

It is that last question and how I answer it that determines what happens next or doesn’t. If I believed (or choose to believe going forward) that it doesn’t, then why bother? Why not just throw in the towel now and walk away?

Or I can choose to believe that what I do DOES MATTER. Whether it is working with people or writing everyday in an effort to educate, entertain, and teach people new things. All of this is done in an effort to make their lives and thus this world a better place. It does matter.

And because it matters, I am not giving up! Maybe I lost focus the past few weeks and I could not see the forest for the trees. Maybe I forgot my mission, my purpose, and my goals, and if not my goals, then maybe my reasons for doing what I do and for wanting to do it.

I want to make this world a better place, and I want to help people, every day. And if anything that I say, do, or write affects just one person in a profoundly positive manner, then I have succeeded. Then it does matter.

Even life coaches get the blues and in my case, if I have to guess, I have been beating myself up a lot this week, albeit quietly, over the things I haven’t done rather than focusing on the good that I have created in the past two years.

So there you have it… even life coaches’ struggle from time to time. WE don’t have it all figured out all the time and that is a good thing in my opinion. Something that someone told me when I was doing my coursework for my MA in counseling was this, “you can’t take your client any further than you have gone yourself.”

I still haven’t reached the bottom to find out what “all of this” mood is about this week but I am confident there will be at least a couple of good learning points and insights to it all once I am on the other side.

And once I figure those things out… you can be certain I will be sharing them!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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