Every Good Deed Matters

every good deed mattersEvery good deed matters and can have a greater impact than you can ever imagine. My day today began less than stellar but because of the issues of the morning I was put in a place to do a good deed, which I did, and it changed everything.

Every Good Deed Matters

So… this was my morning… I woke up WAY too early, earlier than I should have before going to the track to run. When I got to the track, I discovered that all of the gates were shut and locked down tight… There went my Tuesday morning routine…

And over the weekend my Jeep started leaking from the front driver’s side axle… fluid from the differential. This concerned me because I just had my ball-joints replaced two weeks ago and feared maybe the differential seal had become broken and would need fixed… meaning another good chunk of money out the door.

After doing a different run workout this morning and going back home, I called my mechanic and he said to bring the Jeep in. I had to get cleaned up, grab all of my stuff for “work” and drive down-valley to Basalt.

The good news is that they believe the seal is okay and it was just that fluid had leaked out when they removed the axle two weeks ago as the fluid level in the differential was fine.

Things are looking up!

Now is when the story gets good…

I had a check that I needed to mail to my bank and since yesterday was a holiday I needed to get it mailed overnight. I went to the Post Office in Basalt and was standing in line and I could hear a woman talking to the postal clerk at the desk… she had an envelope that she had to get mailed to Aspen and had to have it here tomorrow.

Unfortunately, all of our mail in the Roaring Fork Valley goes to Grand Junction before it comes back here. Therefore, the envelope that she needed to travel only 20 miles, would have to go 300 miles to get to its destination and unless she was paying $22… it would take two days.

I laughed and she heard me and turned around… I told her that I lived in Aspen and that I would be more than glad, if she trusted me, to bring the envelope and put it in our “Local Mail Only” slot at our Post Office here in Aspen. She didn’t know me from Adam but I can tell you that the smile on her face showed the great relief that she felt.

As it turns out the envelope contained a birthday card for a dear friend of hers whose birthday is tomorrow (Wednesday) and as the story goes both of these ladies have their birthday’s tomorrow… So it was VERY important to the lady that I encountered that her card get to her friend in time, tomorrow.

And this is why every good deed matters – first, the lady that I met this morning was greatly relieved and happy that her friend will get her birthday card in time. And of course, her friend will probably be happy and her birthday will be more special because of receiving that card… As for me… I like to imagine that impact will go even further than that… That is why every good deed counts… you don’t know how far the impact will carry.

When I got back to Aspen the first thing I did was to go to the Post Office and put her envelope in with the local mail. I didn’t have to do it… I could have been quiet and silently thought to myself, “sucks to be you.” But I did do it and you know what… all of the crap from this morning just melted a way… Just being able to help in one little way, knowing that it was important to other people, completely changed my day which to be honest… I needed.

So, if you ever wonder why every good deed matters just remember this… others benefit directly but you do as well even if indirectly, and you never know just how far one good deed will travel. Never pass up an opportunity to build up good karma when it is staring you right in the face.


“To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.”Sophocles

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 01 June 2007

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