Every Relationship Is A Story

everyrelationshipisastoryEvery relationship is a story and as someone once told me, “all personal growth happens within the context of relationships.” To quote Jung, “Seldom, or perhaps never, does a marriage develop smoothly and without crisis; there is no coming to consciousness without pain.”

Within the context of any relationship, there are at least two stories, if not three. There is your side, the other’s side, and one might argue there is also the side of what really happens.

Just as there are happy stories, there are also sad ones and the same is true for relationships. Each one has its own particular nature regardless of if it is with your partner, your friends, you children, your parents, relatives, coworkers, and even with the company or organization where you work.

Just as some are happy while others are sad, some are scary while others can be funny. Some are adventurous while others are timid. Some stories and relationships end abruptly while others may be cliffhangers “to be continued” at another time. But just like all stories… all relationships do end at one time or another.

It is perfectly fine when two parties go their separate ways… their story together has ended. It is okay because often in life one story must always end for another new story to begin – be it with a new partner, a new job, or a new friendship.

After all, isn’t that just what our lives are – a collection of stories with different beginnings, middles, plots, twists, and endings? If you think about it, would you really want your life to be the same story that it was five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years ago? More than likely in those spans of time you have had many and different types of relationships that in turn created the numerous stories that make up whom you are?

Regardless of the type, I believe that once you gasp that every relationship is a story, it will allow you to more readily let go of old stories because you always know that every ending is also a new beginning. It is easier to let go because let’s face it, aren’t most new stories fun to begin?

Hardly anyone takes it personally when they get to the end of a book where the author is done telling the story. It is the same in real life, the end of any relationship or story is just that… the end. It’s nothing to take personally and just as you close a book and put it back on the shelf when you are done with it, it is best to do the same when the others end as well.

When a story ends… write new stories. When you don’t like the current story, go ahead and write a new one as well. Remember, every relationship is a story and you ALWAYS have control of your part to write it as you see fit.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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