Everything Can Change For the Better

everything can change for the betterA belief that was projected upon me early in life was that “life never gets any easier” and my interpretation of that saying was that through life, things would only be harder thus worse than the year before. It isn’t true because everything can change for the better but first you have to believe that it can.

Most everyone’s life has an element of struggle to it. The struggle could be personal, job or career issues, it could relationship based, it could be financial or it could be legal in nature. And if you are really “lucky” you could be dealing with some or all of these at the same time.

Around a decade ago, I was myself, “lucky” as described above. It was all bad and my life had come to where I honestly did not want to live anymore. I wanted to give up altogether and as much as I hate to say it, self-harm was a constant thought. It wasn’t just a constant thought…. It was a comforting thought.

How is that for scary?

Everything Can Change For The Better

Then something magical happened and ironically, it came in the form of another severe personal defeat that was self-inflicted of course, and that changed everything. It changed everything because instead of pushing me to the point of ultimately throwing in the towel, it forced me to fight for my life, tooth and nail.

It forced me to want to live! It forced me to choose to live my life differently. It forced me to believe that everything can change for the better because at that time, up or better had become the only direction left to go in.

Instead of looking at “the bottom” as just that, I chose to see it as the foundation of my new life instead. The demarcation point if you will between my old ways and my old life – and the new/different life that I truly wanted to create and live which I am living now.

Even in the worse maelstrom of life, everything can change for the better but before it can, you have to believe that it can and that is the truth.

Did everything in my life instantly change and become spectacularly fabulous overnight? Hell no… But as other wise counsel guided me back then, it was time to “get my house into order” and that is exactly what I proceeded to do.

There is the spiritual or metaphysical belief that our external world reflects our inner world and even back then, knowing that and believing that, I realized that really the only thing that I could change, and had to change in order to make things better was myself and my “inner game” if you will. It was time to stop being an asshole… not only to the world but also to myself.

To move ahead from where I was I still had many things to lose and thankfully so. I had to lose my negativity, my sense of entitlement, my fondness for painting myself as a victim, and my grudges and resentments – not only against others but also against myself. There are probably more but those right there were the biggies.

But the most important thing of all was that I had to choose to believe that everything can change for the better because when it came right down to it… my life depended on that belief and in making it so.

This is my story and to be honest with you it is very hard for me to write and to share. (I imagine it might be even harder to read.) Though I have left out many of the gory specifics, it is still all true nevertheless. For me though, it is the ultimate proof that I need in order to believe that everything can change for the better, not only in my life but for others as well because if I could go from there to here… So can you…

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, I pray that you choose to believe that things…  life… that everything can change for the better.

Because it can… you just have to believe it.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 11 August 2007

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