Fearing The Worst Case Scenario Is Pointless

fearing the worst case scenarioFearing the worst case scenario is pointless, senseless and a huge waste of time and life. Yet we all do it and fearing the worst case scenario is quite often the largest obstacle holding us in place and keeping us stuck.

Fearing The Worst Case Scenario Is Pointless

Often when I meet or start working with new clients they are at a place in life where something must change and something must change now! The problem could be marital, or with their job, life over all, and in some cases, all of the above.

And in more cases than not, the number one thing that is holding them back is that they are fearing the worst case scenario but the truth about the worst case scenario is this… it is usually some made-up and unquantifiable unknown that just exists as a shadow in his or her psyche.

More than that… when a client or potential client comes to me in need of a major life change, they more often than not are already living the worst case scenario that they are fearing… he or she just haven’t realized it yet.

And this is why fearing the worst case scenario is senseless… When are you seeking a major life change and fear is holding you back in one form or the other, the worst case scenario is actually what is happening right then and there.

For instance, I had a client who wanted to move from the big city to a small mountain town. However the idea of the move, finding (or not finding) a new job scared her… the approval and disapproval of those close to her intimidated her… She wanted a new life, to start over, and instead of viewing a new start as something great, she was scaring herself out of it by fearing the worse case scenario.

The truth was her relationship was in the crapper, she was unemployed and overall completely miserable with her life. She was already living her worst case scenario and once she realized that after working together for a couple of months… BOOM! I think she left a vapor trail between her old zip code and her new one… that is how fast she made the move.

Hey, I am a life coach and I am supposed to know all of this, right? But I have my own issues with fearing the worst case scenario and right now as I am struggling to build another business those kinds of fears are all over the place. Weird but true.

My worst case scenario in launching a new businesses… spending money on the startup that I might not get back… not getting enough clients to support it (although I already have four)… Coming off looking like a jackass….

It is that last statement that is the most important and over all what I think ultimately holds us back and why we allow fearing the worst case scenario to hold onto us with it’s deadly grip… fear of looking like a jackass… fear of falling down in front of others… fear of failing and no longer seeming perfect… fear of embarrassment and humiliation.

It isn’t the fear of potentially having to move back in with your parents that scares you so much if it all goes to hell, it’s the fear (the ego’s fear to be exact) of seeming “less than” that scares us the most.

And ultimately that is why fearing the worst case scenario is pointless as it is usually some vague and made up boogeyman created by the ego to keep the ego safe, no matter how miserable everything else may be at that moment.

The worst case scenario… usually, it just isn’t real.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 04 October 2013

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