Five Tips To Get Anything Done

Five Tips To Get Anything DoneToday was a 20-mile track workout and the lessons I leaned and applied are the focus of this writing. When you get right down to it, you only need these five tips to get anything done or to accomplish just about anything.

Five Tips To Get Anything Done

20 miles on a track is not fun or if it is fun, it is not fun for long. It’s just one huge task with one specific purpose, which beyond building fitness is actually geared towards building mental stamina. It is an exercise in combating boredom, fatigue, and an overriding drive and desire to quit.

It’s just something to get done and I did it by more or less following these five tips to get anything done – until I was done.

  1. Relentless focus. – 20 miles around a track is approximately 80 laps. Yes it is boring, and yes, in a way it is mindless, but at the same time it takes focus to stay in your own lane and to just keep going. And it is that same kind of focus that you need to accomplish basically anything else in life… stick to it until the thing is done.
  2. Be singularly focused. – Today’s run was a straightforward run without any complications such as intervals, or repeats of varying speed. I was to run at one speed (level of effort gauged by heart rate to be precise) until the 20 miles were done. I think most of us have concluded that multi-tasking is not as effective as we once thought. Sure, many things are accomplished when you multi-task, but the quality of what is done suffers. Focus on one thing and focus on doing your best at that one thing.
  3. Practice consistency.Consistency is definitely a key when it comes to achievement and success but consistency has one problem… It can be downright boring! Why did I choose to run 20 miles a track, because it is a smooth and consistent running surface, that’s why. It’s consistent but at the same time, oh so boring. In running and everything else, doing the right things repeatedly forms habits, and habits make hard things effortless.
  4. Cut the BS. – Don’t BS yourself or others when it comes to what you have done or have not. Be honest with yourself and others, but most importantly with yourself. I really wanted to quit this morning at mile 16 thinking that I could do another run this afternoon to finish up the miles for the day. I was BS’ing myself that 16 would have been enough but it would had not been. The goal was 20 and as hard as those last three miles were, I am so grateful that I hung in there. That being said – don’t listen to other’s BS, and that includes your own!
  5. Resolve to finish. – Like I said, I wanted so much to quit with just a handful of miles left but I was resolved to finish whatever it took. When I finished, among all of the not-so-nice things I was feeling, there was the strong feeling of accomplishment that made it all worth it. When you finish something and have that sense of “being done”, it is a great place to ask, “What’s next?” After finding out what’s next then apply the same five tips to get anything done – until the next thing is done as well. For me it’s another 20 mile run tomorrow but that will be on trail, not on track, and I can go into it knowing that nothing is unfinished from the day before.

The easiest way to get things is to just get things done. No matter how much you think about something or talk about something, without action and follow through, you are not going make any progress. Whatever your goal may be, try to make one move everyday towards the achievement of that goal and use these five tips to get anything done to help you get there.

And if are interested… I ran the 20 miles in 2:24 with an average pace per mile of 7:14 with an average heart rate of 143… 🙂

I got it done.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By C. Kirby 09 July 2016 – Me running but on trail this past weekend NOT the track.

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