Going Organic

going organicOrganic, it is a word that gets used a lot lately mostly as it relates to how food is grown or processed. The word organic is one of my favorite words and I love the idea of going organic but it has nothing to do with food.

Going Organic

Going organic as it relates to life, or at least my interpretation of it is to “let go” and to allow things to develop solely on their own. I mean after all, that is how things end up happening anyway.

For me, going organic in life means allowing things take their own course without any overtly direct interference or meddling. Instead of forcing situations or results, and creating and artificial outcome – just letting what is to be just be… naturally.

And we force a lot of situations in our lives to be non-organic or artificial too. Many of us spend our lives insisting that “Yes, that square peg will fit into that round hole perfectly… I just need a bigger hammer!” We do it with jobs, careers, relationships, and friendships, all the while insisting things should be one way, trying to force them to be, and in the end, we wonder why things are not working out as we wanted or expected.

The growth of my Blog over time is 100% organic. I have never “paid for clicks” or used some other internet funnel marketing gimmickry to draw people to read my stuff… I wrote… I published… a lot… people found the Blog, they read it and now they come back. The down side is that it took a very long time for traffic to get to the levels that I dreamed of… but the up side is that over time and allowing traffic to grow naturally, now there is a steady stream of readers everyday. They organically came by it naturally and they keep coming back.

Sure, I could have paid a bit of money starting out to drive the traffic up but that would have been artificial and only serving my ego’s need to see the numbers every day but as soon as I would have stopped paying… they would have stopped coming. Going organic, though it took some time, was the best way to go.

As a life coach, my work and relationships with my clients must also evolve organically and naturally as well. I cannot “force a session” or demand that a session goes one way or the other… each session will always take on a life of its own and that is how it must be in order for the process to work.

By going organic and refraining from using anything artificial in the process… a finished product will always be superior. In a way, for me, it makes the result more real, tangible, and able to stand up to the light of day or scrutiny.

Going organic doesn’t mean that you don’t work towards your goals or put in any effort, it means that you do the work without any shortcuts or half-measure that could come back to bite you in the butt down the road. It means that you do the work with an effort of ease rather than struggling and fighting to make what won’t fit, fit.

If you find yourself frustrated that things are not working out like you hoped in any situation, take a step back and examine your approach. Are you allowing things to develop as they should or are you forcing the situation? If you are indeed forcing the situation, maybe take a step back and take a more organic mindset and angle. It might not solve your immediate dilemma but at least you will have the chance to relax about it and that is what going organic though life is all about… relaxing and letting what’s to be… to just be.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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  1. Very nice write-up. I really appreciate your approach on this topic, and I love new way being organic.

    • 3peaksblog says:

      Thank you Risto… the funny thing is that after writing the article and thinking about it some more, I realized that depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs that the entire article could have been summed up on five simple words. 🙂

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