Goodbye Perfection, Hello Courage!

In order to make the perfect omelet, you have to break some eggs, and if you crack open eggs as I do, the chances are there will also be some messiness.

If you hold the notion that you can play it safe in life and achieve without making some messes along the way you are wrong. When you embrace courage, you also must understand that some mistakes are going to happen, you are going to foul up, and not everything will be within your control.

Trying to keep everything within the lines of perfection is the first thing that you have to let go of in order to be brave in life. You have to say goodbye to perfection in order to say hello to courage.

Forget perfection in life. Be brave, be courageous, and be imperfect.

When you know what you should do next, but are afraid to do it… be courageous anyway! Messes and mistakes you can clean up. You can never make up time lost from not taking action.

When you will feel all alone… be courageous anyway! If there is risk, and you fear things might blow-back on you, and you are alone… be grateful. At least there will not be any witnesses if it just turns out to be a learning experience. When you succeed, then you can show the world what you did all by yourself!

When you can’t be sure what the future holds… be courageous anyway! Regardless if you are brave or not, life will visit upon you one mess or the other anyway. You might as well have the mess be the result of your courage and doing. Don’t believe the future is just a perfect script waiting to unfold just for you.

When being courageous and doing something will cost you… be courageous anyway! Don’t sweat the cost of courageously pursuing your dreams. The real question you should ask yourself is what will be the cost if you don’t?

When you fail or make a simple mistake while doing something that matters, others will point at you and laugh… be courageous anyway! Being ridiculed is harsh and can definitely be messy in life, or at least it can feel that way. By trying to be perfect and not making mistakes, nobody will laugh at you… but… they also will never notice you, applaud you, or be amazed by what you achieve.

You cannot create the masterpiece that is to be your life if you do not have the courage to be messy, imperfect, and be willing to color outside the lines. You must realize and know that perfection is a myth. Life does not have to be perfect, it won’t ever be, and neither will you.

Say goodbye to perfection, hello to courage, then go out there and do your best.

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Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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