What Are You Great At?

What are you great at?

What is the one singular thing that you excel at above all others? I’m talking world class level here. If you strolled into a room of 100 individuals and you’re better at this over any other person in the room. Maybe even a room of 500 individuals, or even 1000.

Be guaranteed that there is something that you’re great at. And if you do not know what that is yet, it is something that you really need to find out. If you don’t have a clue, ask someone. Ask your boss, or your partner, or your best friends. And when you figure it out then focus on mastering it.

It takes a lot of time and work to achieve mastery of a singular thing, but what else are you going to do with your time? What else will you do with the rest of you life? Face it, you are going to have to work hard in life regardless, so you might as well focus your time and energies where you already show promise to excel.

What would or could happen if you were to decide right now to invest ten years in mastering the thing or things where you are most talented? What kind of impact would that have to your life? What about to the lives of those around you?

Disregard being balanced; build up your specific and unique gifts and talents. You must know clearly and concisely what your genius is; and you must accept it, embrace it, and commit to mastering it! Improve, practice hard, read from the specialists, and get a mentor. Go from great, to extraordinary, to first class, to world-class.

Then afterward use that one of a kind capacity to do something huge with your life. We have all been given abilities and capacities to use to have a constructive and positive impact on the planet. What is genius besides taking the unique gifts you’ve been given and developing them to the fullest; and then contributing to the betterment of the world?

What are you great at?

Go and do it!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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